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The Best Couples Circuit Routine for Valentine’s Day

As we get closer to Valentine’s day, what do you have planned for your significant other? While the day is popular for romance and gifts exchange, there is more you can do with your spouse, like working out. If you both set New Year’s resolutions to get more fit by working out more, you can show support to each other by trying these couple circuits routines;


Leg Circuit Training

Although leg work out is not a favorite for many, something about lower body workout will leave you feeling energetic. Besides, butt and leg workouts make it easy to engage in other workouts. Here is a comprehensive leg circuit workout for you and your partner:


  • Hook Squats


Stand in opposite directions with your partner. Face away and ensure your backs are touching. Lock your left arm on your partner’s right arm and your right arm on your partner’s left arm. 


Keep your arms entwined and squat, with your thighs parallel to the ground. Ensure your backs remain upright as you go up and down. The fun part is where after you are both ready, you reach down to a squat, beginning turning in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Then turn the other way round. That counts as one rep. 


  • Glute Ham Raise


While the gym is more convenient for glute ham raises since you will use machines available, you can also work on your glutes at home. You, however, will need your and your partner’s effort. One of you will be doing the exercise, while the other acts as support and later switches roles.


The one doing the exercises should kneel on the floor with their body upright. The other partner should be standing behind to securely hold your legs to ensure they don’t move.


Once ready, the one exercising should lower their upper body towards the ground. When nearly reaching the floor, use your body weight to support yourself to move the body back to its original place. Once done with the reps, you can switch places. It is best to focus on timed circuits for this exercise.


  • Speedy Double Dips


The main focus should be speed and safety when doing speedy double dips. To do them safely, you should ensure as you bend, your elbow doesn’t go past 90-degrees to prevent your elbows from flaring out. Remember to switch roles after the first set to enable both of you to do equal upper body and lower body moves. Expect your triceps to burn at the end of this exercise. 


One partner should hold a wall sit with their back flat against a wall, thighs parallel to the floor, and their knees bent at 90-degrees. The other partner should use their partner’s legs to do triceps dips and press using their palms on their partner’s thighs to push their body back to the starting position.

If you can access dumbbells at your home, you can engage in these calf workouts.


Chest Workout

Do you remember the last time you did chest workouts? Most people overlook chest exercises and think they only help build muscle strength. Chest workouts offer numerous unexpected benefits like improved posture, breathing, and breast support. Here are some chest workouts to try with your special one this Valentine’s Day:


  • Bench Press Circuits


Numerous moms work out with their young ones for extra weight and resistance. However, you can try using your significant other as the extra weight during valentines when doing bench presses.


You can lie on a bench and adjust accordingly until you achieve a comfortable position. Next, assume you are lifting weight and stretch your arms upwards. You can ask your significant other to lie on your arms horizontally. Lift them up and down as you would with weights at the gym. Make it more challenging by timing yourself and trying bench press circuits.


  • Pushups


You can easily tap into your and bae’s core strength by doing pushups. Assume the pushup position as you both face each other. Then, both of you should lower your bodies and bend at the arms. Expect to feel a little tightening of the core.


Slowly lift yourself back up and tap your partner’s shoulder. Repeat and tap your partner’s shoulder using your other hand. Complete 12 reps, and you can make it more interesting by timing yourselves.


  • Bear Shoulder Taps


You can try to do shoulder taps with your partner. Both of you should be next to each other. Start in a tabletop position with your wrist beneath your shoulders. Ensure both your necks are aligned with your spine before you start.


Slightly raise your hips to get your knees off the ground. Lift one of your hands and touch the opposite shoulder. Reverse and resume the starting position and use the other hand to touch the opposite shoulder and repeat ten more times. You can do a squat hold and repeat the circuit four times.

If you have weights or a home gym, you can go all-in with this chest workout.


Abs Circuit Training


To build stronger muscles around your spine and improve your posture, you should engage in abs exercises. Abs training boost stability and ensure you retain better balance when performing everyday tasks, including doing chores, training, or playing sports. Include these in your abs circuit training:


  • Superman Wrestle


Any exercise with “superman” is always worth doing, and it gets more interesting when doing it with your loved one. Each of you should lay facing down but in opposite directions so that you can face your partner. Leave enough space between you two to extend your arms.


Both of you should extend your arms and ensure your palms are touching. Then, lift your chests and feet simultaneously a few inches off the ground. As you lift your feet, squeeze your glutes and maintain the position for a few seconds before gently lowering yourself. Repeat it thrice.


  • Partner Heel Tap


One of the fun circuits for couples to do together is the partner heel tap exercise. One partner will lie facing up as the other partner stands at the lying partner’s head. The lying partner should raise their feet (while parallel) from the floor to a tabletop position. The standing partner will hold a resistance band and loop it around the lying partner’s feet.


During the movement, the standing partner should have their knees slightly bent, tighten their core and have their arms holding the band. The lying partner should lower their feet and heels towards the floor, tap the heels, and resume the tabletop position.


Ensure that the band is well secured at the lying partner’s feet to avoid it from snapping back and hitting either of you. If you have recently begun exercising and would like to make the exercise easier, you can loop the band on one foot instead of both for a start.


  • Plank Hold


Planks are a common workout that most people include in their routines. You can include your partner in your plank by doing a plank hold together. One of you should lay on the floor, lower their forearms to the ground with their elbows under their shoulders. Ensure your hands are shoulder-width apart.


As you hold a plank, the other partner should be doing ten lateral hops in each direction as they jump over you. The partner doing the lateral jumps should glue their legs together and jump over the planking partner from side to side. Hold the plank for between 30 and 45 seconds, and your partner should finish their lateral hops within the same time frame.

Not enough? Try out these ab exercises.

Importance of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a unique type of training where the trainer(s) rotate through different stations as they do different exercises depending on time or number of repetitions. Unlike normal workouts, there is no rest until a circuit is complete in circuit training. 

Usually, there are different ways to construct a circuit, but it must contain different sets of exercises. For example, you can include ab circuit training like exercise ball ab circuit. Circuit routines are effortless to set up and need minimum space, making them easy to do at the comfort of your home with your loved one. Here is why circuit training is important:

  • Boosts Your Cardiovascular Health


Most circuit routines contain aerobic exercises, which increase your heart rate and blood circulation. Besides weight loss, these exercises reduce your risk of contracting diseases, improve cardiovascular health and promote better sleep.


  • Increases Muscle Endurance


As bodybuilders, your main focus is building and maintaining your muscles. Circuit training offers more by increasing muscle endurance. Muscle endurance refers to the ability of your body to sustain exercise for a given duration. By achieving muscle endurance, you can enjoy endurance in other activities in your daily life and fitness journey. 


  • Offers Comprehensive workout


With circuit training, you don’t need to allocate each day to focus on specific muscles of your body. Circuit training involves different full-body exercises to ensure you work all your muscles. As you alternate between exercises, you will be alternating between muscle groups, offering a full-body workout. 


  • Convenient


Are you struggling to find enough time to work out? You can use circuit training to make the most of the little time you get to exercise. Circuit routines have minimal breaks between sessions which reduce the workout frame. Additionally, most circuit training sessions go for a maximum of 30 minutes, during which you will have done a full-body workout. 

Take Away

You don’t need to conform to the basic definition of valentine’s day that involves chocolates, going out, and overindulging. Cupid’s favorite holiday can also offer you a chance to help your partner meet their fitness goals before taking your loved one out. As you perform the above circuit routines. Remember to focus on timed workouts for higher effectiveness.

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