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New Athlete Profile: PNBA Tamer Bakakat

Who is Tamer Bakakat?


Early Years 


Tamer has been into sports since a very young age. Born and raised in Egypt, his first introduction to sports was football (also known as soccer). After trying multiple sports, he got into Judo. Tamer would study Judo from his early teen years and would continue on to compete at the national level through his high school years.


Beginning in Fitness


Tamer was around 15 years old when he started lifting weights. He did this as a part of his strength training for Judo. One of the early things Tamer loved about lifting weights was the results and changes to his physique that he began to see from lifting weights. 


Around the age of 17, he got into bodybuilding. Tamer loved the whole process of training and enjoyed being in the gym with like-minded people. He did his first competition at the age of 19 and continued competing until the age of 21, winning National level Amateur competitions. Tamer then stopped competing at 21. The reason he says he stopped competing was that he realized that how the format was for natural bodybuilding at that time, he would not be able to advance far. 


Though he stopped competing, he still continued to train at the gym because he had a natural love for lifting. 


Education and Current Life 


Tamer has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). After earning his degrees, he relocated to the USA. This was in 1998. Tamer has lived in the United States since then. 


Tamer got married in 2004 and has two kids born in 2006 and 2008. 

Tamer has a full-time job, working in Healthcare IT as an executive leader responsible for all the technology work which supports the Marketing and Sales operations departments.



Tamer’s Bodybuilding Career 


Rediscovery of the Sport


It was not until 2020, at the age of 49, that Tamer discovered the INBA/PNBA and the world of Natural bodybuilding. At this point in life, he thought his time with bodybuilding was over, but it turned out to be that it was starting all over again!


Through the years, Tamer had stayed consistent with his training and nutrition. Those years of consistency and dedication were about to pay off. It had been almost 30 years since his last comp at the age of 21. 


Tamer Turning Pro With The INBA/PNBA. 


Here are some words Tamer shared about being a part of the International Natural Bodybuilding Association and the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association. 


“I have been blessed with finding my long-lost passion after all these years, and love being part of the INBA PNBA organization and family, it’s a class act and the highest level of professionalism and sportsmanship hands-down.”


Competitions and Awards


Tamer started competing in 2020. His biggest achievement is winning the Pinnacle of Natural Bodybuilding, Natural Olympia in the Class Physique Master Division. Tamer won this prestigious award two years in a row! He plans to compete this year to defend his title!


Here are more highlights into Tamer’s competition career:


2020 Natural Olympia: 1st Classic Physique Masters, 3RD Place Classic Physique Open

2021 Iron Man Magazine International: 1STBodybuilding Master, 1st Classic Physique Open

2021 Wolfpack Classic: 1st Bodybuilding Grand Masters

2021 World Cup: 1st Bodybuilding Open, 2ndClassic Physique Open

2021 Natural Olympia: 1st Classic Physique Master, 2ND Bodybuilding Grand Masters, 4thClassic Physique Open, 5TH Bodybuilding Open


Traning and Routine


In terms of his training, Tamer believes that variety and change are key to continuous improvement. Tamer changes his fitness routine every 4-6 weeks. During the offseason, he will work out 5 days a week, following a bro-split, which is any workout routine that trains different body parts on different days. 


As far as reps, he will start to cycle through starting with 4 weeks of strength (3-6 reps). Following that is 4 weeks focused on gaining size (8-12 reps) and finally 4 weeks of the pump (15-20 reps including supersets, drop sets…etc). At the end of this cycle is the de-load for 1 week, and then start over again with some new/modified exercises. 


As Tamer gets into prep, he switches to a push/legs/pull split doing 5-6 days a week, and every 6 weeks he switches the exercises to continue stimulating growth and to get the results he needs. 


Tamer also incorporates Olympic lifting (clean & jerk and snatches) during his offseason (1-2 times/week) to gain more strength and to trigger a higher neuroendocrine response.





As for nutrition, Tamer follows a vegan diet, so all his food is plant-based. He mostly eats the same thing daily, whether it’s in or off-season. The difference between the in-and-off season is the quantity of food. 


Tamer gets most of his protein from his Vegan protein supplement. He will usually mix it with oatmeal and/or drink it as a shake. The rest of his meals are typically a mix of rice/quinoa, mushrooms, salad, and seitan/tofu/tempeh for protein….etc.


Future Plans 


As Tamer thinks about the future, besides seeing his kids healthy, happy, and successful, he looks forward to retiring in the next decade. After retiring, he will have more time to focus on training, competing, and spending more time with his wife to travel. 


As far as his career in Natural Bodybuilding, he would love to see the sport in the Olympics one day and to be part of it. Tamer knows that the INBA/PNBA President,  Denny Kakos, is working relentlessly to make this an opportunity one day. 


Other than that, Tamer’s ultimate goal is health and longevity. He hopes to compete for as long as he can, bringing an impressive package to the stage. Tamer wishes to defy the age barrier when it comes to health, fitness, and building muscle!



Mantra: Where the mind goes the body must follow 


You can learn more about Tamer Barakat by visiting


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Instagram: @ironbulk15

Facebook: /Tamer Barakat


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