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  • Powerlifting Legends Of The Golden Era: Full Exclusive Interviews With Vince Anello, Jan Todd, & Rickey Dale Crain

    Under the leadership of the new owner, Denny Kakos, Iron Man Magazine is returning to its glory days by featuring the...

    IronManApril 29, 2021
  • Add Power And Size To Your Shoulders

    A routine sure to bulk you up! By Heather Neff, CPT   Want bolder, stronger shoulders with better definition? You came...

    Sharon OrtigasOctober 18, 2017
  • Power Versus Pump

    How to use the big barbell lifts to improve aesthetics and strength. By Eddie Avakoff, owner of Metroflex LBC   Powerlifting...

    Sharon OrtigasSeptember 4, 2017
  • License To Carry

    Loaded walks can help develop overall strength, endurance, and force some surprising muscles to grow, By Team Iron Man   For...

    Sharon OrtigasAugust 25, 2017
  • Going To Waist

    Do heavy squats and deadlifts make you thick through the middle? By Tucker Loken   I’ve heard this question from a...

    Sharon OrtigasAugust 14, 2017
  • The Raw Story

    An argument for ditching all of that cool weight-room gear. By Eddie Avakoff, owner of Metroflex LBC   PQ: The word...

    Sharon OrtigasAugust 8, 2017