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How To Get Fit Using TRX Training Today

Total Body Resistance Exercise, abbreviated as TRX, is a revolutionary workout regime where you rely on your body weight and gravity to work out and get fit! TRX training will build strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and stability using your body. 


TRX is ideal for different fitness goals like losing fat, building strength, improving endurance, or increasing flexibility. As you rely on your body weight to do your exercises, you get a full-body workout while working your core. Also, since you rely on one training tool, you can minimize your training time by switching between exercises in seconds.


How TRX Training Works


Total Body Resistance Exercise is a form of suspension training that challenges your body in unstable conditions. The exercises engage your core as you perform them to increase your strength and balance. Your body is suspended using straps from an anchor point during the workouts. So, you use your body weight as the weigh machine and gravity for resistance. You can adjust the difficulty of the exercises you are doing by slightly moving your hands or feet. 


TRX exercises involve six basic movements:


  • SF- Stand facing anchor point- it can be pulling, rotating, hinge, or squats

  • GF- Ground position facing anchor point- mostly planks or pulling

  • SFA- Stand facing away from anchor point- rotate, push, lunges

  • GSW- Ground position sideways to the anchor point- rotation, planks

  • SSW- Stand sideways to the anchor point- pulling, rotation

  • GFA- Ground position facing away from the anchor point- planks


When performing suspension exercises, you use body weight and movement to stimulate neuromuscular responses when you change your body position. For example, if you use the SF body position and lift your suspended body weight toward the anchor point, the pulling movement will engage several muscle groups in your body, including your back, arms and core.   


Suspension training forces your body to work to integrate balance, strength, and mobility in a single movement. Therefore, you can maximize neuromuscular response for better workout benefits.


TRX Bands and Its Different Parts



TRX bands consist of three main parts. There is the suspension anchor, straps, and cradles. The suspension is located at the top of the band and includes carabiners and loops. The Loops are attached to the anchor point, usually above the area you are working out. After the anchor, there are band straps. These straps have adjustment tabs, and you choose the right strap size depending on the exercise. The bottommost part of the band is the cradle (foot or hand). Depending on the type of exercise, you may need to place your hand or foot on the cradle.


It is relatively easy to set up the straps. You only need a flat ground to exercise on and an anchor point. If you have a gym subscription, you can always use the included bands in the gym. On the other hand, if you travel a lot and need temporary anchors, you can use the top edge of the door. Slide the anchor on the top of the door and close it towards you. 


The mechanism behind this is your body weight will ensure the door remains closed, and thus, you can use the suspension trainer. Alternatively, you can wrap the bands around any sturdy structure in your home, like beams, bottled down weight racks, or railings. Either way, when looking to set up your bands, always choose an anchor point that can support your body weight.



What Muscles Does TRX Target Build Muscle?


Suspension training works on all areas of your body. There are workouts you can do with TRX that will challenge your core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. When performing TRX exercises, you use your entire core, upper body, arms, and back muscles to maintain stability.


TRX training is ideal for coordination, flexibility, and balance. Despite being a strength workout, it includes some aerobics that will leave your heart pounding after a few exercises. Suspension training also pushes your strength in unique ways, so you can rely on all groups of muscles, including those you didn’t know you had. 


30-Minute TRX Workout for Your Whole Body


Here is a short sample of TRX body part exercises for the whole body:




Since the TRX training will be working on your whole body, you shouldn’t skip the warm-up. If you would like, drink water and begin your warm-up. Add aerobic exercises to the workout to keep your blood pumping and your body loosened up before the main workout. 


Example Workouts


  • Squat


Adjust the TRX bands and have them at mid-length. Stand, and face the anchor point as you tightly grip the TRX handle. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Keep your elbows slightly bent. Lean back and squat, keeping your arms straight as you lower. Assume you are sitting on a chair, and ensure your hamstrings are parallel to the floor. When squatting, you should feel the effect in your glutes. Do three sets of squats in 10-12 reps.  



Keep the TRX bands at full length and ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart, facing away from the bands. Firmly grip the handles, straighten your arms, lean forward, and put your weight into the bands. Bend your elbows and lower your chest, similar to what you do when doing regular chest presses. As you lower, ensure your body remains in a straight line. You should feel the exercise on your arms and chest. Do three sets of 10-12 reps. Try adding low rows and other TRX bicep exercises for your upper body.


  • Pushups


Shred your core and abs with pushups. Begin in a full plank position as you face away from the bands. Hook your feet to the cradles, and lower your body parallel to the floor. Keep your core engaged to avoid sagging to the ground or lifting your booty to the ceiling. Straighten your arms, return to the start position, and do three sets between 10 and 12 reps. You can also work on your core by doing pikes, alligators, and pushups.




After engaging in the above workouts, rehydrate by drinking water. You can start with fewer exercises as a beginner and keep adjusting the reps and body suspension for a more challenging workout.



Here are more TRX workout ideas you can try.



There are numerous benefits of TRX exercises. They include:


1. Builds a Solid Core


Having a strong core will improve your mobility. TRX exercise needs you to brace and stabilize your lower back, arms, and oblique’s to leverage your body weight. The TRX bicep exercises and TRX hamstring curl are some exercises that help improve your core strength making it rock solid.


2. Enjoy the Freedom to Work from Anywhere


TRX training dates back to Navy Seals. It was initially designed by a navy seal who desired to remain in shape within limited space during his work travels. The TRX workout is easily portable since you use your weight. You can also set up a TRX suspension trainer anywhere as long as there is an anchor point.


3. Easily Modify Your Workouts


A major advantage of TRX is the numerous TRX exercises. There are TRX bicep exercises, hamstring curl, tricep press, and many more! You can add variations to the exercises by adjusting the suspension straps to different lengths. Alternatively, you can change your body positioning to create more angles to make the exercises easier or more difficult. There are also other ways through which you can use the cradles. You can have your hands in the cradles, put your feet in the cradles or have your heels in the cradles.


4. Builds Muscle


TRX works on different muscles in your body, beginning from the glutes to your core. A study on the growth hormone produced during and after traditional resistance training and after TRX exercises shows that a similar hormone is produced. Therefore, you get the same hormone as you would with other workouts. TRX is easy on your joints, safer, and builds muscles differently. 


5. Ideal for Beginners and Pros Alike


When performing TRX exercises, you are using your body as the weight. So, you can adjust your body to either increase or reduce resistance. You control how much resistance you would like to challenge yourself on the workout. The numerous modifications in each exercise make it ideal for everyone. TRX is thus suitable for beginners and pro athletes as well.  


6. Burns A Lot of Calories

We all aim to prioritize workouts that burn the most calories. TRX training burns more calories than regular exercises. So, you don’t have to spend extra time at the gym to burn more calories. 


Give it a Try


Given the above benefits of TRX exercises, you can now understand why it is gaining popularity. TRX training offers a functional fitness routine where you can work out in different ways to achieve your fitness goals. It is also very effective since it uses different concept routines that focus on working out isolated muscles. 


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