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Top 10 Best Partner Workout Exercises for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is looking for gift ideas and ways to spend time with their special someone. 


There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. You may decide to conform to the basic definition of Valentine’s Day, which involves expensive Valentine’s foods and drinks, chocolates, roses, and going out. 


However, if you and your partner had made a New Year’s Resolution to work out and eat healthy to achieve your fitness goal, you may consider working out as a way of celebrating Valentine’s Day together.


Partner workouts are the best way to show love to your partner during Valentine’s Day while sticking to your New year’s resolution and fitness journey. 


Aside from the mental and physical health benefits of regular workouts, working together can positively affect your relationship. Research has found that couples feel happier in their relationships with their partner after engaging in a workout together.


If you’re feeling skeptical about working out or thinking about how to convince your partner to join you at the gym on Valentine’s Day, consider why working out with your significant other should be beneficial for both of you and the ideal workouts to do.


Benefits of Partner|Couple Workouts


Many benefits come with partner workouts, such as:



Spending Quality Time Together 


Working out together is a great way to spend time with your partner on Valentine’s Day. When you spend time together, you can build and strengthen the relationship by increasing trust, respect, intimacy, and communication. 


It can also be a great opportunity to have fun with each other while doing something healthy and rewarding to meet your fitness goal.


Creates Accountability


It’s easy to slack off when working out by yourself, but if you have a partner, you can hold each other accountable and challenge one another to achieve your goal.


For instance, you cannot miss to workout without a genuine reason because you will not want to fail your partner, and second, you will not want your partner to feel bad that you are taking them for granted by failing to show up for exercising. This will push you until you achieve your fitness and diet goals.

Increased Motivation and Support


When you feel like you’ve reached the end and can’t do it anymore, your significant other can motivate and help you keep up with your workout plan. 


For instance, you are more likely to go to the gym or do some exercises in the morning before work when working out with your partner than solo. 


Also, when you feel like giving up, your partner will encourage and support you in every step to ensure you don’t slip up achieving your goals.


There are many ways you can motivate each other as a couple during Valentine’s Day. You can do a one-to-one competition or buy one another a present if they complete the workout at a certain time or finish certain reps.


Partner Workouts Improve Your Relationship 


A strong relationship can be built by partner workouts. When you exercise as a couple, you’ll feel more connected and committed to each other than doing it alone.


It also helps you build confidence and intimacy in a relationship. By working out together, learn a lot about your partner’s body —- their strengths, weaknesses, and fitness goals. 


Furthermore, you will feel more confident about yourself when working out alongside your significant other because they will be encouraging and supportive throughout the process.




Best Workouts to Do With a Partner 


These are workouts you can do as a couple, with friends, or with a family member as a partner. They include:



1. Partner Hamstring Curls


Hamstring curls are an effective workout that isolates and works on your sides and hamstring. 


To perform the partner’s hamstring curl, start with one partner lying on the floor in front of the other with their arms and feet straight. 


As if on the machine curl, let the one lying flex one of the ankles towards the glute while the partner at the back holds them and presses them down hard as they curl. The pressing should create resistance and make the movement more difficult. Do 10 reps on each leg before switching places.


2. Couple Wall Sits


There are different ways you can do wall sits as a couple. In this case, we will use a medicine ball to add weight.


For beginners, start by standing next to each other on the wall. Then, toss the medicine ball back and forth to add weight to your squats while toning your oblique muscles.


Alternatively, you and your partner can alternate performing the wall sit while the person not performing the wall sit applies pressure to the shoulders of the one doing the wall sits. 


3. Wheelbarrow Squat 


To do this exercise, you or your partner will get into a push-up position. The other person will stand in between the legs of the first partner at the back and hold their knees.


The one in the push-up position will then engage their core and complete the exercise. While still doing push-ups, the partner holding their ankles should lower into a squat. 


During the entire process, couples should keep their back straight. Perform 20 to 25 repetitions, then switch places. 


4. Passing Sprints 


If your new year resolution is to burn more calories, try a partner-passing sprint workout with your partner on Valentine’s Day. It burns more fat and calories than weightlifting.


It is a suitable workout for valentines day because it is simple and does not involve any equipment. Instead of going for your regular jogging, alter it a bit and introduce passing sprint with your partner.


You perform it by letting one partner sprint ahead, then the one remaining behind sprint to catch up with them.


5. Partner TRX 


TRX exercise is an effective bodyweight resistance workout for building muscle mass. There are different variations of the TRX workout: you can do TRX knee pulls, TRX walkout planks, or TRX knee tucks. To do a partner TRX walkout plank, you use your partner instead of a real TRX.


To perform a TRX walkout plank, one partner should start in a plank position, and the other to stand behind them. 


The partner in the plank position should then move their hands back towards the partner standing behind for their glutes to be in the air. The body should be in a V position. They should then walk back their hands to the starting petition (plank) and do 10 reps before switching places.



6. Couple Sumo Squat 


Sumo squatting is the best exercise to fire up your lower body with your partner this Valentine’s Day.  To do a sumo squat, start by getting into a high plank position and let your partner hold your legs so that they are in a horizontal position.


Next, your partner should lower into a squat with their feet facing outward and feet wider than shoulder-width apart. They should be in this state while still holding your legs. Do 10 to 20 squats before switching sides.

7. Partner Lunge 


This is another great lower body workout that works on your glutes and quads muscles. For lunge, you should face each other and hold one another shoulder. 


Then lunge on your left side and your partner on the right side. Do as many lunges as you can before alternating feet for each lunge.



8. Leg Push 


To do a leg push as a couple, start with one of you lying on the floor while the other is standing at the other’s head. 


Then the laying partner on the ground should grab the ankles of the standing partner for support and move their legs towards their partner while straight. 


As they bring their legs towards their partner, the standing partner should push them back down but should not touch the ground. Then the partner should bring back up the legs and continue for 60 seconds before switching positions.



9. Couple Glute Bridge 


The glute bridge works on your hips, legs, hamstring, glutes, and lower back. You start with both of you lying flat on the floor on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees and hands extended at your side. In this position, push your feet into each other’s feet.


Then, lift your hips from the floor while pressing into your partner’s heels until your shoulders, hips, and knees form a straight line ( a glute bridge). 


Then, squeeze your glutes tight and maintain your core drawn in during the exercise to avoid overextending your back. Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering with control. Repeat for a total of 40 seconds.



10. Partner Squatted Ball Pass 


This is a great exercise for couples. It engages your lower body and core. To begin, both of you stand back to back with a small space between you.  Get into a squat position, take the medicine ball, twist your body to your partner as they twist towards you, and pass it to your partner. Your lower body should face forward. 


Try to create a rhythm as you pass the ball to meet your partner on the other side as they pass the ball back to you as well.


If sitting becomes too challenging, you can also do it while standing. Do the workout for 30 seconds, then quickly relax before beginning a new round.




If you and your partner have made a New Year’s resolution to stay fit, these workouts are worth trying on Valentine’s Day. 


Alternatively, you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day with these best couples’ circuit routines for Valentine’s Day if you find the workouts in this article challenging. 


As you do the above workouts, remember to focus on timed workouts for higher effectiveness and not overindulge in foods that will hinder you from achieving your fitness goal.


Enjoy your workout!




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