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Workout Equipment Needed For At Home Fitness Routine

Do you dread setting your alarm an hour early to rush to the gym and get your daily dose of exercise? Or do you sometimes struggle with motivation because the distance between your home and gym makes it hard to stick to your fitness schedule?


You can end this by working out from the convenience of your home. A home gym not only offers convenience but also guarantees privacy.  


Benefits of a Home Gym


The main benefit of a home gym is the convenience it offers. A common challenge with exercising is sticking to a routine. While you may be willing to push yourself further, the hassle of getting to a gym, especially if it is far from home, could dim your enthusiasm. 


Fortunately, a home gym is accessible and open 24/7. Therefore, you get to exercise when it is convenient for you. You also don’t need to worry about gym queues and inconveniences like waiting for someone to finish their reps or adjusting the machines to fit you. It also can be a cheaper option since you only need to buy equipment once and you own it; unlike paying monthly gym membership fees, which cost hundreds of dollars a year. 


With a home gym, you also enjoy privacy. Many people, especially beginners, can feel somewhat nervous or intimidated when working out in a public gym. This is proven by a survey done by Fitrated, which shows more than 60% of women and 30% of men avoid going to the gym because they fear being judged or body-shamed. 


If you feel the same, a home gym will offer you privacy. It will also offer a conducive environment for you to work out since you don’t have to conform to any dress code rules, music, or room temperature settings.


How to Choose the Best Gym Equipment



There is a lot of different gym equipment to choose from. However, the best gym equipment for you will depend on several factors:


What is your goal?


Although we all work towards being physically fit, we also all have specific exercise goals. So, before buying equipment, consider your goals and decide on the best equipment to achieve these goals. For example, if you are working towards increasing your cardio to improve heart health, you might need a jump rope or some sort of cardio machine. If you are focusing on strength training, you might need to get weights and an adjustable bench. 


Space available in your home


The equipment you can add to your home gym greatly depends on the available space. How much space do you have for your home gym? When shopping around, make sure to keep note of the size of the equipment you are looking at. Make sure you have the space allocated for the home gym equipment you are purchasing. It may be a good idea to measure your area to map out exactly where you plan to have everything, to make sure you have enough room.  


Price of the equipment


While you are committed to your fitness routine, it is important to consider the price of the equipment. Fitness equipment can range from low to high-end prices. Fortunately, there is a lot of high-quality and affordable equipment which you can consider on a limited budget.  


Maintenance costs


You will be spending a considerable amount buying gym equipment. So, you need to consider the maintenance cost and if the equipment comes with a warranty. For example, suppose you will be getting a treadmill. In that case, it is essential to know it will need lubrication often to ensure it runs smoothly, so if the maintenance cost is high, you might need to substitute the equipment with another option.

Essential Home Workout Equipment


These are the must-have essential home workout equipment:


Exercise Mat



One of the important pieces of equipment you need is an exercise mat. It makes floor exercises comfortable and protects your back and joints from a hard floor. You can comfortably stretch and lift weights on a workout mat. It also promotes stability since it has a grippy surface that keeps you locked while you exercise. An exercise mat also prevents weights from making scuff marks on your floor. 


Consider the thickness of the mat when working out. You will need a thicker mat if your floor is hard. A mat also offers additional flexibility since you can use it to work out in the home, carry it out to your backyard, or the park and beach if you enjoy working outdoors. A great inexpensive yoga mat is the Gaiam Yoga Mat, which offers non-slip options. You can get value for your investment by cleaning your yoga mat regularly.






Anyone trying to gain strength will need to use weights in their workout. You do not need to go to the gym to add weights to your workout. Instead, you can get free weights for your home workout to build your muscles, power, strength, and coordination. 


You can use different free weights for your home workout to build muscle strength. We recommend free weights since they are versatile and you can use them for various movements, and they are convenient to store. You can either get:





They are a more affordable option that you can use for many different exercises targeting the entire body. There are different types of dumbbells. Bone dumbbells, for example, are a better option to make cardio workouts more effective, e.g., lateral lunges. In contrast, hex dumbbells are better for compound weight training like squats or tricep extensions.


One good option is CAP Barbell Hex Dumbbells. They have a solid build and a hexagonal rubber head, making them ideal for bodybuilding and traditional strength training. The rubber coating protects your floor from impact keeping it intact. They also have an ergonomic handle to ensure you remain comfortable during lifting sessions.


For a beginner, it is best to consider getting light dumbbells to medium-weight dumbbells. You can consider a heavy dumbbell set if you want to add more challenges to your workouts. Adjustable dumbbells are also worth considering. Even though they may not be as comfortable as neoprene dumbbells, they are a great option because they offer more options for adjusting your weight, rather than needing to buy additional dumbbells of different weights. 


If you prefer adjustable dumbbells, we recommend the Bowflex SelectTech 552, which has a dial that makes it easy to transition between weights (between 5 and 52.5 lbs). The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells have a decent weight distribution, comfortable grip, and solid feel. 


Ankle Weights


Raise the stakes of your training routine by putting on some ankle weights, which can double up as wrist weights. They are a versatile addition that you can use in almost every routine, whether walking, running, jumping, or jogging. Ankle weights add a load to your legs or arms when you elevate them. They are safe to use since they securely attach to your ankles or wrists and help build endurance, burn calories, and in toning. 


Since they are not bulky, they provide the right amount of resistance, allowing your muscles to work hard within limits without breaking down your muscles. Try the Bala Bangles Ankle Weights, which offer even weight distribution and, thus, are comfortable to move with when working out. They are also available in different colors. 


Heavy Bag


Boxing is a great, enjoyable full-body exercise you can easily enjoy at home by adding a heavy bag. Through boxing, you work on your balance, coordination, muscle strength, aerobic endurance, and balance. Get the best of this all-rounder by getting the FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag


It has a series of springs that absorb shock and minimize noise. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being too loud in your workout space to interrupt the rest of the house or neighbors. We recommend the FITVEN Punching Bag because it is freestanding and easy to anchor.


Resistance Bands




You can make your home workouts more challenging by using resistance bands. Resistance bands help improve the strength and function of muscles. Depending on how you use them, they can also offer different resistance levels, light or heavy. 


Renoj Resistance Bands add a challenge to your exercise so you can take your workout to a higher level. Use resistance bands to make your squats, bicep curls, hip thrusts, and extensions more effective. 


A tighter band makes a workout more challenging. There are different lengths, weights, and colors of resistance bands. You can go for mini bands to add a challenge to core exercises and use longer bands for squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts. 


Suspension Training



If you are targeting your core and abdominals, you will benefit from suspension training or TRX training.  


You can get suspension training equipment which is easy to fix at home.  Suspension training equipment is easily portable, and you can travel for holidays with your equipment to push your training a notch higher and burn fat better and more efficiently. 


We recommend the TRX GO Suspension Training equipment because it is comfortable and compact and allows an increased range of motion. All you need is a door frame, wall studs, or even a tree. It is our top pick because it is also suitable for small spaces, so you don’t have to worry about the space in your home getting in the way of your workout. 





Kettlebells are excellent to use when working out to get your heart rate up and build muscles. They are a versatile addition since you can use them for strength and conditioning. You can use it for walking lunges, shoulder exercises, arm exercises, and many more. 


It is best to consider kettlebells made of single cast iron and with a powder finish since they are safer to use as they are less likely to slip while in use. Try the REP Fitness Kettlebell with a matte black finish to beat rust and corrosion, enhancing durability. It also has a textured handle which offers additional grip. REP offers a limited lifetime warranty, so you get value for your money at a reasonable price.

Cardio machine




Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, cardio workouts remain an important part of your fitness journey. Depending on how much space you have in your home, you should consider adding a cardio machine.  


If you enjoy running or walking, a treadmill could be a great option. If you like more intense cardio, consider adding an elliptical to your home gym. Choose a cardio machine, depending on available space, and one that is within your budget.


If you prefer rowing, the Hydrow Rower is an option worth considering. It offers a perfect recreation of a rowing experience in the water in the comfort of your home through a patented electromagnetic drag. It has a responsive touchscreen display, is easy to set up, and has a sleek design that takes up less space. Thus, making it ideal even for apartments.


Should you need a treadmill, we recommend the NordicTrack, which is explicitly designed for home use. It has a heart rate monitor and adjustments for speed and inclement to add resistance to your workout. It also has a solid build, and has models to hold anyone 300 pounds and below. It has a suitable cushioning that absorbs impact during use, offering a quieter running experience and protection for your knees. 


Adjustable Weight Bench


Are you targeting your upper body? This adjustable weight bench will be a great addition to your exercise. There are benches that incline and decline or that you can fold to store away after use. The Flybird workout bench, for example, has eight positions and a maximum 800-pound capacity. 


It is the best pick because you can easily fold it up after use and store it aside. However, there are also multifunctional weight benches that can help with aerobic steps. You can choose a bench with features that meet your needs and the space available in your home.


Jump Rope




A great cardio exercise to work your fitness routine is rope skipping. It is a fun way to get your heart rate up and get a full-body workout in a relatively short time. Jumping rope works your arms, core, shoulders, and legs. There are numerous typos of jump ropes, each serving a different purpose. 


You can go for the basic rope, the weighted rope, the cordless rope, and the beaded one. The top option for a basic rope is the WOD Nation. For a weighted rope, get the Crossrope Get Lean with an innovative design and two interchangeable ropes that weigh 4 and 8 ounces. 


The APLUGTECK Jump Rope is worth getting if you are looking for a cordless rope. Its handles are memory foam and quite comfortable. It offers smooth performance and is ideal for both beginners and pros.


Foam roller




Whether you will be working out from the gym or at home, exercise often leads to muscle pain and stiffness. A foam roller will help relieve muscle tightness by rolling it along the muscles to remove trigger points and knots. The Gaiam Restore is a great, affordable, firm, and medium-density foam roller. 


Equip Your Home Gym Today!


If you enjoy your privacy and want to create your own workout environment, you may want to start creating a personal gym for yourself at home.

Use these recommendations for equipment to get started!




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