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“Weighted Cardio”

Or “Loaded Running”

In an effort to prepare for endurance events (sometimes filled with obstacles and various physical challenges) a method of cardio has been applied here at Metroflex LBC to better prepare for the unknown challenges ahead: ‘Weighted Cardio’. Simply put, running with weight.
In its most primal form, many see weighted cardio in the form of running with weight vests, but as you dive deeper into what kinds of weight one can carry and where they can hold it, the possibilities begin to seem endless. And the results begin to appear better and better.

Try running carrying a kettlebell above your chest, or while hugging a sandbag, maybe a bucket filled with rocks and pebbles (Spartans, AROO!), or a big ass log overhead. All those modalities of running require a lot more than just your legs. Core, back, shoulders, grip all play a supporting part in this style of running. Try running with the weight overhead: like a 400m run with a 45lb plate locked out overhead. Talk about a test to one’s core and shoulders – makes the “run” seem like the easy part.

Because so much upper body muscle is in play while running with weight, the loss of muscle isn’t nearly as severe as it would be running just by itself.
Running by itself can also become quite monotonous. Weighted running, however, is a lot more exciting involved.
Obviously, the benefits of mastering this kind of cardio has its carry-over to OCR racing like Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. These events are pure tests of work capacity, and carrying weight over long distances as fast as possible is the very definition of work capacity.
If you’re a strength athlete looking for a new form of cardio without the risk of comprimising hard-earned muscle mass, then this form of cardio is for you.
Here’s an example of some weighted cardio drills:
8 Rounds:
– 30 Sit-ups
– Sprint 200m with a 72lb Kettlebell above chest
loaded running
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