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Mountain Running

Want to get really good at mountain running?

I’ll share a secret:


It’s that simple. And there’s no substitute. Mountain running, that is, trail running but with steep climbs and descents, is among the top conditioning tools I use. Next to wrestling and water polo, I’d say that mountain running ranks among some of the hardest and most challenging cardio in the game. Obviously if you complete in OCR competitions or even just marathons (or halfs), then this training will become your best friend.

But what about all you weight lifters? Mountain running has its place in your program too: Uphill running strengthens the posterior chain – the same system used for most conventional pulling and pull-pattern lift movements.

Am I saying that all strength athletes should lace up some trail runners and race up the closest mountain? Hell NO!

But IF you ARE a strength athlete and looking at ways to improve your cardio, all the while strengthening your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings, this will be an effective cardio choice. Get our of your element and try something new!


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