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Rough Eating

This is has been a rough eating day. I had fast food all day. The downside of preparing to travel. I don’t want to grocery shop because the food will end up going bad if I don’t eat it. But I decided to compromise. I am going to do some serious cardio tonight.

And looking back at some of the past cardio I’ve been doing, I think I’m going to hit the treadmill for some sprints. Here is my typical sprint workout:

5-minute warm-up, 10 1:1 minute sprints:rest ratio. I start at about 8.5 mph and increase every interval 0.1 mph. My rest is a 3.0 mph walk.

Then I’ll finish with some uphill walking, walking lunges, and agility work.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m already tired just writing this.

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