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Posing, Posing, Posing

Posing takes lots of practice to make it look easyWhen you prepare for a contest whether it be in bodybuilding, figure or bikini you must practice your posing frequently so that when you get on stage you look professional and polished. You don’t want to look like you have to think too much just to hit a shot or to get your body into the right position. I just got back from the NPC Nationals in Atlanta and I am still surprised that even at one of the highest level of contests you still see guys and gals who are suppose to represent the best of the amateurs posing like they are novice competitors.

I have the five minute rule with all my competitors. Here is how it works, everyday you spend five minutes practicing your posing. Everyday at the same time, you spend five minutes running through all your mandatory poses just like  you would in front of a judging panel. At the end of a week this gives you 35 minutes of good posing practice. At the end of a twelve week contest prep cycle you will have about seven hours of posing practice! That is a lot of practice.

Most competitors don’t even start posing until a few weeks out from a show and they try to cram in a couple hours of posing a few weeks before. The result looks unpolished and often the competitor looks like they are thinking too much on stage instead of running smoothly into each pose. Not to mention, small amounts of practice is very manageable and will lead your body and mind to retain more in its memory when you hit the stage. What you want to focus on when you are on stage is smiling and looking like a winner!

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