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2011 IFBB Toronto Supershow Standouts!

On June 17-18, 2011, Toronto Canada hosted the 2011 IFBB Toronto Supershow. Promoter Ron Hache held IFBB Men’s Pro 202 and Open events, as well as Pro Figure and Pro Bikini contests. While I didn’t know what to expect of this show, it was put on very professionally with all the bells and whistles the other big pro events have like an Expo and amateur events and pro hosted seminars.

At these kinds of events you can really only participate in so much but I found it easy to do just about all that I wanted to and attend all the major Pro events. At every contest I am always trying to find the stand out competitors who either knocked my socks off or who impressed me with their raw potential. In Toronto, I found a few, and here are my notes…

Candice John and Aleisha Hart

Candice John and Aleisha Hart

In the Pro Figure Candice John, who ended up with the runner-up spot behind Gennifer Strobo, stood out to me right away with a very nice “T” shape and I actually I had Candice ahead of Strobo. Aleisha Hart, who has been consistently placing better and better at the last few Pro events this year. Improving and toning down her muscularity and her historically thicker look. Kudos to her and her coach (sorry shameless plug) for the work done! I am still at a loss why Natalie Waples, who just weeks before placed 3rd at the Cal Pro and qualified for the Olympia, didn’t get a first call-out. She was tighter and had much better shape, lines and aesthetic qualities than most of the other competitors in the lineup. There are always a few mysteries at every show. That is what makes this sport so interesting sometimes.

In the men’s 202 lbs pro division the clear standouts were Shaun-Joseph Tavernier and Myoba Edwards. Both Tavernier and Edwards were impressive but Tavernier was just fuller and more complete. But I was impressed more with Edwards’ level of conditioning. He was super-shredded! Even this guy’s hamstrings had striations! Very nice work!

The very thick Lionel Beyeke

The very thick Lionel Beyeke

Finally, in the open category the stand out was Lionel Beyeke! This guy is really going to go places if he gets his conditioning just right. He was in definitely in shape, but may have spilled over just a bit. This guy really looked fantastic and reminded me of a smaller version of Kai Greene. The disappointments in the open division was Brandon Curry. While he got his Olympia qualification, he still is missing his mark on conditioning. He looked fuller and tighter at the finals and much improved, but a few tweaks to posing and to his last week of prep and this guy is very dangerous! Brandon has one of the prettiest physiques out there and can win any of these shows, but seems to look like he simply doesn’t want it bad enough on stage and his physique seems to echo this sometimes by the lack hardness and grainy detail it takes these days to win at this level.

Overall, Toronto was a wonderful place to visit and I enjoyed the shows! I will be back!

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