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Men’s Physique Success


This year the NPC introduced the Men’s Physique division to many NPC sanctioned events. Just last week California had its first men’s physique division at Jon Lindsay’s NPC Muscle Contest and it went off with a bang with over 30 competitors entering in the new division.

I have to say that I was very impressed with how fun it was to watch the new division. I must admit that I was originally skeptical about what this new division would bring to the contests. But to my surprise it was fun to watch and the contest was judged as the NPC rules have stipulated. What is the future of men’s physique?

This next year I believe that men’s physique will grow fast and it will have a nice place in NPC sanctioned events. For me I welcome it as a very nice avenue for men to compete in a physique contest who aren’t interested in developing a competitive body that it takes to win at bodybuilding, but one that still looks muscular, defined, and impressive. The emphasis in men’s physique is not to be overly developed and shredded but instead fit, muscular, and personality.

The only criticism I would have of men’s physique is that it borderlines on men’s fitness modeling and which can make it less of a physique contest and more of a beauty contest and not a sport. Much of the fate of men’s physique will depend on how the judges judge the events and who and how the competitors show up. No matter what this year will be a unique and fun year for the sport and industry of bodybuilding, physique and fitness!

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