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  • Best Supplements for Women Bodybuilders

    A good training regime is the only sure way to get a lean body and build your muscles. However, you might...

    AdviceIronManMay 28, 2022
  • The 2022 Bodybuilding Season Has Begun….

    It’s the spring of 2022 and the start of a new bodybuilding season which is always exciting. If you’ve used your...

    adviceIronManMay 25, 2022
  • Everything You Need to Know and More About Posing From An PNBA Pro

    The sport of bodybuilding is more than lifting weights, proper nutrition, and cardio: it’s also learning how to skillfully display your God given...

    Beginning BodybuildingIronManFebruary 12, 2022
  • Leg workout and NPC West Texas Classic

    We had a great weekend at the NPC West Texas Classic in Lubbock, Texas.  But, before I get into that I...

    Blog PostDave GoodinMarch 28, 2011
  • Posing, Posing, Posing

    When you prepare for a contest whether it be in bodybuilding, figure or bikini you must practice your posing frequently so...

    IFBB ContestsSharon OrtigasOctober 4, 2010
  • 2009 NPC Team Universe

    Well, I did it!  I accomplished another major goal by winning the welterweight class at the Team Universe last weekend!  My final...

    Blog PostDave GoodinSeptember 24, 2009
  • NPC Europa

    This past Saturday I placed 2nd in the Open Middleweight class and 1st in the over 50 class at the NPC...

    Blog PostDave GoodinAugust 17, 2009
  • It’s Alive!!!!

    Wow!  It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted a blog!  Sorry, but this man has been freakin’ busy!!!  And, my...

    Blog PostDave GoodinApril 17, 2009
  • Sunday Posing Practice

    Sunday at noon I met with David and Hank to do some posing practice.  David is competing this weekend at the...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJuly 29, 2008