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New Athlete Profile: PNBA Alondra Chatman

Who is Alondra Chatman? 


Alondra Chatman is a 2x Ms. Figure Pro Natural Oylmpia 2021 & 2019. She is from Menelo Park, CA and currently resides in Oakland CA. She is a certified Personal Trainer, business owner, and also a physique, figure and bikini coach. 


Alondra has been in the sport of bodybuilding since 2010. In her youth, she played track & field, volleyball, softball, basketball, and dance.



When She Began in Fitness



Alondra started her fitness journey in college and continued as a young adult. She had always played sports and stayed active, but really dug in after graduating from college. At her first job at Visa, she started leading group fitness classes and working 1-on-1 with personal training clients. Realizing this was her passion, she left the corporate world to open her own gym. 


What inspired her to get into bodybuilding initially was seeing a friend prep and compete in a show, one that recently had 2 children. Seeing this made her want to challenge herself to get back in shape and see what her body could do. 



Triumphant and victorious moments in her life


Alondra has overcome Hashimoto’s and kidney removal. She has a BS in Biology from Cal State Hayward. Alondra was also featured in the Generation Iron Natty4Life documentary. She has had several people tell her they were inspired to compete and actually came to the Natural Olympia in 2021. Having someone say that she inspired them to be there was awesome to her.  She also love the fact that natural bodybuilding was given a much bigger platform so that people know they do have options when they compete. 


One of the best victorious moments for her was winning the 2019 Natural Olympia. In 2018, she returned to the stage after not competing for a couple of years for various reasons. She started at the Zeus Classic in San Leandro where she won first place then went on to the Natural Olympia where she came in fourth. She took the judge’s feedback to heart and used that to fuel her workouts for the entire year. 


Alondra took second place at the World Championships in Greece. That second place metal drove her forward to her ultimate goal of the Natural Olympia. She came ready and ultimately took home the win the following November! This is a moment she said she would cherish forever. 



Alondra’s Diet and Fitness Routine:



Prep Season nutrition 

Meal 1: 2/3 cup oatmeal, 2 oz. Turkey

Meal 2: 4oz Turkey, 4oz rice

Meal 3: 4oz Turkey or white fish, 4oz potato or rice, 1 cup green veggies

Meal 4: 2 scoops protein in water, 1 whole fruit w/ 1tbsp flax seed

Meal 5: 4oz turkey or beef, 4oz potato or rice, 1 cup green veggies

Snack: Carrots & hummus or beef jerky.

Off-season: She increases her calories and is flexible with her diet, including more fruit and a few more treats – especially during the holidays. 



Fitness Routine


Monday: Legs – Quad Focus


Tuesday: Chest, Back & Biceps


Wednesday: Shoulders & Triceps


Thursday: Legs – Hamstring & Glute Focus


Friday: Upper Body


Current life and future plans 


Here are some words Alondra recently shared: 


“I’ve always been an active person and being with a group or team of other active people has always been fun for me. Helping people find what makes them happy and keeps them active has been a passion for quite some time now. I cherish helping people reach their goals.”


She currently trains at The Inner Athlete. Her biggest inspiration now is Kayla Rossi because she believes that are alike, in the way they both are athletes first and they incorporate all of their athletic training in their competition prep as well. 


Currently, Alondra is enjoying her off-season with lots of heavier lifts and extra calories. This year, she plans to compete in the Muscle Beach, Zeus Classic, and Natural Olympia shows.


Learn more about Alondra Below:


Future fitness goals: 


To become the 3x Natural Olympia Figure Champion


Magazines she would like to cover for:


Iron Man Magazine

Women’s Health

Women’s Fitness

Muscular Development 


Shows you would like to compete in 


Muscle Beach (actually on Muscle Beach)

World Championships 


Awards you’d like to win


Most symmetrical 

Best in Show Shield


Programs or challenges you plan on starting


Off-Season – Muscle Building program 

In Season – Shredding and Sculpting 



Favorite fitness influencers 


Kayla Rossi

Cyd Gillon 


Awards and accomplishments


2021 – Natural Olympia 1st Pro Open Figure

2021 – Excellence Award

2020 – Natural Olympia Judge

2019 – Natural Olympia 1st Pro Open Figure

2019 – Dedication Award 

2019 – PNBA Muscle Beach 1st Pro Open Figure

2019 – PNBA World Championship 2nd Pro Open Figure 

2018 – Hall of Fame Inductee

2018 – Natural Olympia 4th Pro Open Figure

2018 – PNBA Zeus Classic 1st Pro Open Figure 

2017 – Natural Olympia Judge

2014 – 2016 – Coach dozens of athletes to the stage. 

2013 – PNBA Silver & Black 2nd Pro Open Bikini

2012 – NPC Emerald Cup – 6th Open Figure

2012 – NPC Governor’s Cup – 6th Open Figure

2010 – NPC San Francisco 1st Open Figure D, 1st & Overall Masters 

2010 – INBA Silver & Black Overall Open Figure


Favorite exercise


Squats – Always challenging.  


Favorite cheat meal


Sushi or Burger & Fries 


Gym song


Bad Azz – Kash Doll


Iron Man Magazine Features


Natural Olympia winner Spring 22

Natural Olympia winner Fall 21

Alondra Chatman Write-Up Summer 20



How do you support the organization you compete with


Coach & Train athletes to the stage

Judge shows

Attend Clinics 

Help wherever she can 


Favorite go-to recipe  


Spicy Chipotle Turkey Burgers 

  • Ground Turkey
  • Chipotles
  • Cilantro
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt




You can learn more about Alondra Chatman by visiting


Alondra Chatman Athlete Profile & Stats

Alondra Chatmann Becomes First Woman Natural Bodybuilder to Sign Multi-Media Contract 

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