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Only Constant in Life is Change

In all areas of life, it is important to have a backup plan which I like to refer to as Plan B.  Many athletes had begun contest prep for shows that had been canceled or are concerned about their competition season suffering the same fate. Is this the new norm? No one knows for sure, but for now, it is. The only thing constant in life is change and those that can be flexible especially in times like these will not panic but will persist and not only survive but continue to thrive.


I believe there are three types of people that inhabit this great world we live in. 

  1. Those that MAKE things happen.
  2. Those that WATCH things happen.
  3. Those that WONDER what the hell just happened?  


It is this first group that usually has a Plan B waiting in the wings.  If you’ve ever been through contest prep or are embarking on that mission currently you would definitely fall into the first group because you are in the process of making great things happen.  Just because your plan A got derailed It doesn’t mean you have to fall off the tracks.  Remember, we are all in this together, we are all facing gym closures, food shortages, financial/job loss and the fear of contracting this nasty virus.  But since you’re part of the group that is going to make things happen let’s take a look at what Plan B might look like. 


Get Creative!


If your gym is closed, there are other options. For those that have home gyms, problem solved.  Maybe you know somebody who has a home or garage gym. Don’t be shy. The moment I heard of my gym closing, I made two calls to patients who have garage gyms.  How about those resistance bands you pump up with backstage? My advice would be to take those outside or to your local park. You might be surprised at what kind of workout you can come up with at your local park.  There are also many online programs and routines that can be done using bodyweight, bands or other apparatus that you can purchase on Amazon for a few dollars. 



If you’re wondering what the other two groups of people that are WATCHING things happen and those that are WONDERING what the heck is happening, look no further than Costco, Walmart or any supermarket. They are the ones without a Plan B that apparently feel it’s necessary to hoard as much toilet paper and food as they can.  This makes looking for items that you will need more like being on a scavenger hunt, but being creative will also help you accomplish your mission. This may just be the opportune time to take advantage of your knowledge base of nutritional supplementation, meal replacement bars, protein bars, protein powders and other multi-vitamin/mineral supplementation.  Last I checked there was not a run on any of these items and combining them with what food is available, you can get all of the nutrient value to not only maintain your gains but add to them. If you’re normal supermarket no longer has some of those items, again be creative, Amazon has many food items. Also, there is a less-known online market that is a cross between Costco and Whole Foods when it comes to quality food at a good price called  Thrive Market  If you are looking for quality organic, grass-fed, free-range meats you can find those at  Butcher Box 


Get Grounded for Good Vibes


To navigate your mind and body through these turbulent times, you must have a set of tools that will help make the ride smoother. Remember, working out is physical stress to your system.  Adding mental stress or something as simple as perceived stress can negatively impact your overall performance. Refer back to my article Get Grounded For Good Vibes in the most recent issue of Iron Woman Magazine to not only charge your mind but to charge your body as well.  Simply going outdoors barefoot and connecting to the earth is similar to plugging your cell phone into the charger to charge it up. 


Our amazing bodies are powered by light and electricity.  As most may know, vitamin D is made from sunlight when it interacts with your skin.  Research shows that vitamin D is very effective against all viral and bacterial issues.  Not to mention 42% of sunlight is infrared and red. Most may not realize this red light allows our bodies to be part solar as well. In general terms, we actually absorb this light into our bodies and use it to make cellular energy even with less food.  Natural light from the sun is still your best vaccine and multivitamin against anything and it’s also still free. download the App “Dminder Pro” and start tracking the Vitamin D you can make today.



In spite of the obstacles and detours, we are currently navigating through by being part of the group that is looking to MAKE things happen; you have plenty of resources at your disposal to STILL MAKE 2020 a successful competition year!



Dr. Peter Cichonski DC,
PNBA Pro Bodybuilder

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