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Get Grounded For Good Vibes


“Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought” – Napoleon Hill


Your thoughts become your words which then dictate your actions. How do you think about your health, fitness or competition goals? What vibrations are you broadcasting and allowing your brain to receive?


Why do some of us excel and reach our health, fitness or competition goals while others toil and struggle, only to fall short and eventually fall off the wagon? could it be fear, self-doubt or just the daily stress of feeling overwhelmed?




It is every thought and emotion that dictates and regulates which channel your master computer is tuned to. Are you tuned to the do-it-yourself network or are you reacting to what’s happening on the Housewives of Beverly Hills?


Just as your television and radio have different stations dictated by frequencies and wavelengths of energy, your brain is no different. It has five preset channels or stations. Any of which may be playing based on your current thoughts, perceptions, and emotions:

  1. Delta Waves (.5-3 Hz) – Dreamless sleep, healing, and regeneration
  2. Theta Waves (2-8 Hz) – Our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition
  3. Alpha Waves (8-12 Hz) – Mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration
  4. Beta Waves (12-38 Hz) – Alert, attentive, problem-solving
  5. Gamma waves (29-42 Hz) – Simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas

Scientists have discovered that certain brain wave frequencies (especially the transition between Thet and Alpha), right around 7.83 Hz, may:

  1. Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction of stress for people prone to anxiety states.
  2. Facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity.
  3. Enhance the recall of mental images and improve spontaneous imaginative and creative thinking.
  4. Reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins.
  5. Optimize athletic performance. Ther’s evidence that just before a golfer hits their best shot or a basketball player sinks a shot, alpha activity bursts in the left hemisphere of the brain. Basically, helping to put you, “in the zone”.

The real question is, is there a natural way to train your brain to tune in to these most beneficial alpha/theta brain waves?

Could the answer be as simple as a stroll outdoors, a walk on the beach, or a hike in the forest, why do you feel so good, at peace, and in balance when we are out in nature. You see the answer might surprise you.


The natural wavelength of energy emitted by the earth, also known as the Schumann Resonance, was first discovered in 1951 by scientist and professor Winnifred Otto Schumann at the University of Munich. His exact calculation of the earth’s emitted wavelength was 7.83 Hz. Several years earlier, another scientist, Hans Berger, who had invented the EEG machine recorded the first-ever electrical frequency transmitted by the human brain. Berger called it the “alpha wave”. The exact measurement of the first alpha brainwave was 7.83Hz. Identical to the earth’s natural wavelength frequency. Coincidence?


Enter acclaimed scientist Rutger Weaver from Planck Institute in Germany. In the 1960s, he conducted science and research to study the relationship between the earth’s natural frequency and the same exact 7.83 Hz frequency of our alpha brain waves. The conclusion: Weaver’s research had revealed the incredible connection between human health, both physical and mental, and the natural wavelength frequency of the planet.


Can we tap into the Schumann Resonance to entrain our own brain waves to stay on this alpha/theta channel, to reap these bountiful mental and physical health benefits? It’s only natural. Humans have been on this planet for thousands of years and have adopted these natural frequencies from our earthly home to be our norm. Over the last hundred or so years, however, our norm is now challenged and disrupted by the introduction of millions of man-made radio signals and electromagnetic waves, many from artificial sources such as Wi-Fi, cell phones and artificial lighting.


In fact, the radiation environment that we now live in has increased millions of times the amount it was even 25 years ago – SWAMPING the natural signals all life evolved with and perfected over eons of time. Is it any wonder our well -being has declined?




The need to connect to the earth has never been greater. The same forces of nature that established the Schumann Resonance frequency are the same forces of nature that give the earth a negative electrical charge. This charge has two massive benefits to both our physical and mental well-being.

  1. As stated earlier, it can tune us into the exact natural frequency which science has shown to be the most beneficial for our overall mental health and well being.
  2. NEGATIVE IONS CREATE POSITIVE VIBES. Negatively charged particles are on the earth’s surface. You naturally absorb these negative electrons by simply planting your feet on the ground, a technique called grounding or earthing. Some of the numerous benefits to grounding to the earth include:
    – reducing the inflammation which contributes to chronic disease
    – improved sleep
    – reduced cortisol levels
    – pain relief
    – faster healing
    – calms the sympathetic nervous system

In essence, the same influences that the Schumann frequency have on the brain are the same influences that connecting to the earth has on our physiology. In fact, it is vital to have both because they work synergistically for balance and true health, physically and mentally. True vitality and health cannot be achieved without this “earth connection”, no matter how hard we exercise and how healthy we eat.


Written by: Dr. Peter Cichonski | Instagram: @dr.petercichonski | YouTube: @yourhealthspandoc

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