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Frank Zane: The Workouts

Three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane has perhaps the most classic physique ever to have graced a posing dais—just the right … continue reading

The Calm After the Roar

/ Posted 08.30.2011

Sometimes we need to stop and listen to the sounds around us, whether we’re on a busy street or in … continue reading


Don’t Be a Lunkhead

/ Posted 08.02.2011

If you’re a bodybuilder, you’ve probably been deeply offended by the TV commercials for the Planet Fitness chain of health … continue reading


Lies, Prevarications, Fibs and Deception

/ Posted 07.23.2011

Having reduced my weight training to two days a week for various reasons, I must use the days I’m in … continue reading


Optimistic Vitality

/ Posted 07.14.2011

We’ve all heard that being positive can have positive health effects. That seems to be common sense, but in case … continue reading


Body by Design

/ Posted 07.08.2011

If you’re online a lot looking for training information and motivation, you probably know the name Kris Gethin. He’s editor … continue reading

Dragging My Bones to the Gym

/ Posted 07.02.2011

It’s been raining steadily for 48 hours—not cats and dogs, but we’ve got pups and kittens on the rooftop and … continue reading


Inspiration vs. Motivation

/ Posted 06.20.2011

So as I often like to do, I’ll end with a question. Are you simply inspired to have the physique of your dreams, or are you truly and deeply motivated?


The Leader’s Desire to Help People With His Brilliance

/ Posted 04.27.2011

It takes courage to be a leader. It takes a tremendous belief in yourself and your ability to take the action needed to differentiate yourself from your competition. You must be willing to take action even when it might make you look bad in front of other people.


Great Performance in the Gym Is a Habit

/ Posted 04.13.2011

I’m also sure that you’ve suffered times when, no matter how badly you wanted to hammer out great sessions, you just couldn’t seem to get your act together.


Find a Way to Differentiate Yourself

/ Posted 03.31.2011

Powerful leaders are fully aware of the gifts and talents they have to offer the world. They also have a … continue reading


Are You Really Working Hard Enough?

/ Posted 03.16.2011

Committed. Driven. Focused. Disciplined. Those are the words many of us would use to describe the effort we put into … continue reading


Supreme Confidence

/ Posted 02.14.2011

The man who appears to be the most poised and confident in a social setting always stands out. The rest of the people in the group assume him to be a natural leader.


Neutrality Is Power

/ Posted 01.19.2011

Most people, whether they realize it or not, seek approval and validation from other people to some extent. It’s just … continue reading


Clean to Stay Lean

/ Posted 12.27.2010

According to a study out of Indiana University-Purdue University, data collected on about 1,000 subjects, aged 49 to 65, found … continue reading


With Greater Risks You Can Get Greater Rewards

/ Posted 12.25.2010

Are you getting what you really want in life right now? Are you enjoying the overall success you feel you … continue reading


Hearty Laughter

/ Posted 12.23.2010

Get lots of laughs to improve your heart health. A study out of the University of Texas at Austin found … continue reading


Control Your Body With Effective Eating Habits

/ Posted 11.15.2010

Improving your health, getting your body into awesome shape and becoming more attractive in the process don’t have to be complicated. Here are a few simple and effective eating and exercise strategies that will help you take control of your body, whether you want to build muscle, lose bodyfat or both at the same time.

How to Be Happy

/ Posted 11.06.2010

According to Gilbert, humans are terrible predictors of what will bring joy.


Photo Finish

/ Posted 10.25.2010

People do all kinds of things to get rid of pain and anxiety—from taking drugs to getting acupuncture to working … continue reading


Yawn Patrol

/ Posted 10.22.2010

You try not to yawn around people because they automatically think you’re bored. Pat Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, … continue reading


Powerful Language Patterns and Voice Qualities

/ Posted 10.19.2010

The way you communicate with other people has a tremendous impact on the success you experience. You’re always communicating your thoughts, perceptions and ideas to others—whether you realize it or not.


Influence and Persuasion

/ Posted 10.10.2010

Options are available for all of the things in life that you really want. Whether you realize it, they’re not the things you settle for. Options can be material things, experiences, feelings or emotions. Your goal should be to have access to as many of the best options in life as possible. You do not necessarily have to exercise all the options available to you. You just want to be in a position to have the choice—and not just hope it magically comes your way someday.


Your Ideal Weight

/ Posted 09.19.2010

How much should you weigh to be considered optimally healthy? A recent item in the March ’10 BottomLine Health outlined … continue reading


You Can Be Happy No Matter What

/ Posted 09.16.2010

After thorough discussion of the five principles—thought, moods, separate realities, feelings and present moment—he delves into how to use them to help with relationships, relieve stress, solve problems and even break bad habits and addictions.

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