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Sick and Tired

Ever notice that when you can’t workout, all you can think about is working out? It’s almost like a catch 22. Well, that has been my life the past week and a half. Somehow, I caught some respiratory virus, and being that I’m asthmatic, it put me on my butt for the last 10 days. I haven’t been able to run or workout. I can barely go up and down stairs without losing my breath. Just awful. But, finally, I am starting to feel better. After breakfast, I slept for 4 hours and woke up a whole new woman. But now here’s the challenge.

I want so badly to work out. But I know that if I go too hard, I’ll be down and out for another week. But all I know is “Go hard or go home”. So what’s a girl to do? Sit around for another day before I venture to the gym? Or try and keep my intensity low to moderate, which is almost impossible for me? Being sick and a gym junkie (keep that between you and I) is no fun and one of the hardest things to overcome. I even have those thoughts “Oh, i can just sweat it out.” Yeah right! I know me. That will turn into something that doesn’t work out so well.

But I need my endorphins! So at the end of it all, I think I will do low intensity cardio (Oh NO! Not the dreaded long slow cardio!). It’s better than nothing, and at this point in time, I need some sweat dripping down my face, and not the kind that comes from a high fever.

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