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Ripped, Shredded… and Philosophical?

Photo by Michael Neveux - Neveux Studios 2015

Photo by Michael Neveux – Neveux Studios 2015

Okay, so maybe I’m not philosophical, but I do like to look inside why we do what we do as athletes and what really makes us tick (and sometimes what ticks us off!).

My name is Thomas DeLauer; I’m a local Los Angeles area resident and Fitness Personality / Cover Model that has a sheer passion for being in shape and helping those around me discover the “why” of fitness.

As a young model, I see a lot of people come and go in this industry and in the world of bodybuilding, physique-sculpting, fitness as a whole. After a while it becomes evident that those that fizzle out are the ones that lose sight of their passion, and their love for this hobby or sport. It becomes a job, or a chore. I like to dig into the roots of what got us into transforming our bodies in the first place and continue to keep it alive so that we can look amazing well into our 90s +, but also FEEL amazing.

Personally, I like to stay lean year round. Why? Because it makes me feel outstanding and keeps my energy in this sport. But that’s just me, and that’s the beauty of pursuing a passion for that is sincerely for you.

I look forward to helping my readers understand new ways to train, new ways to diet, and new ways to enjoy life in a fit, healthy, and most of all, GREAT-LOOKING fashion!

Stay Shredded My Friends ~ Thomas

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