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Generation Iron Going Natty

Yes, you heard right! On November 1st Generation Iron Network and the Vladar Company announced a new feature film documentary in the works.  After countless requests from fans, Generation Iron decided it was time to dive into the world of Natural Bodybuilding.


 Accustomed to mainly focusing on mainstream professional bodybuilding, the lead up to Mr. Olympia, popular bodybuilding influencers, and countries around the world idolizing bodybuilding, a paradigm shift has taken place.  Producers Vlad Yudin, Edwin Mejia Jr. and the Generation Iron Team highlight the natural bodybuilding league (INBA) International Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association.


They explore the controversial world of professional natural bodybuilding alongside top pros competing for the most prestigious title in natural bodybuilding “The Natural Olympia.” The INBA PNBA, a league dedicated to providing an even playing field for athletes who want to compete freely without performance-enhancing drugs. The INBA PNBA administers the highest level of testing with Olympic Level Testing by  (WADA) Worl Anti- Doping Agency, and uphold athletes competing in their league to the WADA Code.


“Generation Iron 4 film will be a historical moment for the sport of Natural Bodybuilding. The time is NOW, for natural bodybuilding to grow and move to the forefront. Everybody can see that our health is the most important thing. Only we can save our sport from the negative stigma of drugs!” Stated by Denny Kakos INBA PNBA Founder/President & Owner of Iron Man Magazine


Where the bodybuilding classic “Pumping Iron” brought to the big screen superstars and future legends such as Schwarzenegger Franco Columbu Lou Ferrigno, you can now look forward to the elite of the INBA PNBA.


Professional Natural Athletes featured in the Generation Iron 4 Film include; 

Robert Terry 2X PNBA Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion, Former Professional WWE/TNA Wrestler

Philip Ricardo Jr. 4X PNBA Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion, 2X World Champion

Christopher Oketch 2X PNBA World Bodybuilding Champion 

Adrian Pietrariu INBA Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion

Alondra Chatman PNBA Natural Olympia Figure Champion 

Tiffany Stosich PNBA Figure Champion


“This documentary will be chronicling the history and future of natural bodybuilding as a sport and looking inside the lives of natural bodybuilding athletes as they prepare to compete in the Natural Olympia. The film will also feature Mike O’Hearn – a self-proclaimed natural bodybuilder who has been under much scrutiny by the public eye due to his incredible physique that many believe to be not possible without performance-enhancing drugs.” Stated in an announcement by Generation Iron 


Natty 4 Life is currently the #1 Sports Documentary in the US, #1 Sports Documentary on iTunes and Google Play.

Check out the film and see it for yourself. 


Generation Iron 4 Film


INBA PNBA Hall Of Shame 

(WADA) World Anti Doping Agency

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