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  • The Instinct Diet

    Use Your Five Food Instincts to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

    Becky HolmanDecember 5, 2009
  • Natural Anabolics

    Regular IRON MAN readers know the name Jerry Brainum well. He’s IM’s go-to nutrition-science guru who has his thumb on—no, make...

    Steve HolmanNovember 26, 2009
  • GNC AMP-ed Supplements

    For avid athletes looking for a serious competitive edge, GNC, the leading global specialty retailer of nutritional products, has introduced Pro...

    Iron Man MagazineNovember 24, 2009
  • The High Def Handbook

    Diet is a big part of The High Def Handbook for the very good reason that you can’t get ripped without...

    Becky HolmanNovember 3, 2009
  • Two From Humana

    More recent texts seem to have overcome these problems. Two perfect examples are Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise and Essentials...

    Jerry BrainumOctober 22, 2009
  • Lean Body Hi-Protein Energy Bars

    Labrada Nutrition, the most trusted name in sports nutrition, has introduced its new Lean Body Hi-Protein Energy Bars in four mouthwatering...

    Iron Man MagazineOctober 5, 2009
  • Myotest for More Mass

    When your testosterone levels are at an all-time low, estrogen controls your system, an all-consuming flood of weakness is unleashed, and...

    Iron Man MagazineSeptember 25, 2009
  • 12 Weeks to Your Future Physique

    12 Weeks is a great, concise book for anyone starting down the road to a new muscular physique.

    Becky HolmanSeptember 19, 2009
  • Exercise and Sports Nutrition

    I’m frequently asked to recommend an authoritative source of scientific information about sports nutrition. While there are many such sources, most...

    Jerry BrainumSeptember 10, 2009
  • Breakthrough Energy Booster/Fat Burner

    Want to tap into nearly boundless energy reserves to power you through your high-impact workouts? Then you need to know about...

    Becky HolmanSeptember 1, 2009
  • Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat

    The book is packed with insightful information on cholesterol, cortisol, good fats and bad fats—both are anabolic—food for sex and muscles,...

    Becky HolmanAugust 26, 2009
  • Biggest Rage!

    Dark Rage introduces a new technology and an exclusive psychotropic stimulator that can bring you the most insane muscle pumps and...

    Iron Man MagazineAugust 24, 2009
  • The Body Fat Solution

    Venuto’s number-one principle is calorie deficit—if you burn more calories each day than you take in, you lose ugly fat. It’s...

    Becky HolmanAugust 7, 2009
  • The Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout

    Broser has gone to great lengths to incorporate key rep tempos for each week to enhance the desired size effects. You’ll...

    Steve HolmanJuly 10, 2009
  • The Answer

    The book is filled with analogies tied to weight training. That’s because it’s a lot like strength training: “The real power...

    Becky HolmanMay 15, 2009