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BetastaxWith several industry leaders investigating new and highly promising mechanisms of weight loss, one company was bound to make a dramatic breakthrough. BioQuest appears to have broken from the pack with the introduction of BetaStax, the main ingredient of which has achieved results in clinical testing that are plainly unprecedented.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 50 healthy volunteers were given a placebo or 250 milligrams of the main active ingredient in BioQuest’s new BetaStax, a bioactive matrix of weight-loss agents trade-named PureWhey-Slim. Weight, waist and hip circumferences; basic metabolic panel; blood glucose and lipoproteins levels were measured at baseline and then at two and four weeks.

The results were astounding. The subjects who took the active ingredient in BetaStax prior to two major meals daily experienced significantly greater reduction in bodyweight and waist and hip circumferences than the placebo group as early as two weeks and continuing throughout the duration of the study.

Keeping in mind that studies conducted with ephedra (before the ban) were hailed as major news events when they documented significant weight loss in eight weeks or more, BetaStax is in a prime position to change the parameters of the debate entirely and establish unprecedented standards for weight-loss effectiveness and power.

In short, by virtue of its uniquely powerful main ingredient, PureWay-Slim, BetaStax has instantaneously emerged as a major standout in the category. For more information, go to

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