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TransformationThe first strik­ing thing about Yehyawi’s book is its cover. The author’s underexposed image says “self-published,” which had me bracing for the worst. Then I buckled down and started reading.

Yes, the book is self-published, but Eyad H. Yehyawi is a medical doctor and former two-sport NCAA athlete who’s now a bodybuilder. He’s also had to come to grips with a congenital heart defect, which caused him to suffer a minor stroke at the age of 28 in 2005.

Yehyawi reels in the reader with his story and transformation photos, and then he lays the groundwork for others to follow his lead. He covers everything from hormones, macronutrients and supplements to diet, cardio and, for the grand finale, weight training. Transformation is very well organized, and the author quickly reveals that he knows his stuff.

While he covers a lot of basic information that most bodybuilders already know, Yehyawi also unearths facts on growth hormone, testosterone, conjugated linoleic acid, glutamine and branched-chain amino acids that can help anyone seeking more muscle attain better results. He provides specific tips you can use to get the most out of your supplements and diet.

Many of his methods are similar to those of my husband, Steve Holman. He even mentions Steve and his training partner, Jonathan Lawson, in a few places in the book and talks about carb cycling, something they discuss in their e-book X-treme Lean. Carb cycling is basically inserting a higher-carb day into a lower-carb eating regimen every third day or so.

Yehyawi is a proponent of Steve’s Positions of Flexion and X Reps and Eric Broser’s Power/Rep Range/Shock. The last section of the book presents a few different workouts, including the author’s favorite P/RR/S program, plus an extended-tension workout and a power/occlusion workout, both of which feature Positions of Flexion.

While the book is self-published (and could have benefited from an editor—reading through that many typos is distracting), the info he presents is rock solid and will help you push your muscle-building endeavors forward. Also on offer: lots of good nutrition stuff and well-thought-out workouts—just what the muscle doctor ordered for better results.

Editor’s note: Transformation—Unlock Your True Potential is available at

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