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Breakthrough Energy Booster/Fat Burner

BetaStaxWant to tap into nearly boundless energy reserves to power you through your high-impact workouts? Then you need to know about new BetaStax from BioQuest. It’s an energy-boosting, extreme thermogenic catalyst that’s definitely not your daddy’s old mix of caffeine, yohimbe and green tea. Instead, BetaStax contains a breakthrough matrix of ultrabioactive, pharmaceutical-grade energy factors that provide for a dramatic rush that even the most stimulant-resistant athletes can feel within minutes. In fact, those who’ve tried BetaStax report that the energy surge far exceeds anything they’ve tried before, including ephedra-based products.

Better yet, BetaStax contains a key ingredient that triggers a significant appetite suppression, achieved by way of diminished glycemic load after you eat and enhanced release of the neurohormone cholescystokinin. What does that mean to you? How about significant fat loss in as little as two weeks. That’s the result achieved in a clinical study conducted at a major American university on the key ingredient in BetaStax. It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished when visionaries are willing to settle for nothing less than an entirely new mechanism of thermogenic action.

Want to know more? Head on over to, and get an advance peek at the new future of thermogenic science.

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