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12 Weeks to Your Future Physique

12 Weeks is a great, concise book for anyone starting down the road to a new muscular physique.

6807-12weeksbook2The reason most people head to the gym is to transform their bodies—although some do it in an attempt to transform their social lives. If you’re a serious trainee working for physical, as opposed to social, results, 12 Weeks to Your Future Physique is your path to persistent progress.

It’s written by’s editor in chief Kris Gethin, and he covers every aspect of achieving a dream physique. The book starts with a number of before and after pics, along with short success stories from those who have done it, including Kris himself. The photos alone will get your motivation revved and hungry for the how-to plan. There are, however, some preliminaries.

Gethin covers how to stay motivated, including tips on visualization, pep talks and setting goals; how to eat, with complete sample diets and a chart of permitted foods; and which supplements can help speed your progress. Then he talks specific exercises.

You’ll see start and finish photos for every exercise in his recommended workouts, along with tips on how to get the most out of each movement. He then takes all of those exercises and organizes the 12-Week Weight-Training Program. It’s a gradual progression with a three-days-per-week routine, with each bodypart trained only once a week. The workouts change every two weeks to keep things interesting and to keep your results constant. Gethin’s suggestions for cardio are also included. There are workout log pages for all of the routines, with the exercises plugged in. You can make photocopies or take the book to the gym to record your weights, sets and reps.

He concludes with tips on how to maintain your new physique and a section of frequently asked questions on things like meal timing, losing more bodyfat and getting defined abs.

12 Weeks is a great, concise book for anyone starting down the road to a new muscular physique. Gethin has trained hundreds of people and transformed fat and skinny folks alike into new, high-powered muscular versions of their old selves. He can do the same for you—or someone you know. 12 Weeks to Your Future Physique, along with a gym and some driving motivation, is all it takes.

Editor’s note: 12 Weeks to Your Future Physique is available at

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