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Myotest for More Mass

SAN MyotestWhen your testosterone levels are at an all-time low, estrogen controls your system, an all-consuming flood of weakness is unleashed, and the fate of your manhood hangs in the balance. Fortunately, an ancient secret buried under the deep sands of Africa untold millennia ago holds the key to your testosterone’s salvation. Myotest, a laboratory bioengineered supertest phenomenon, harnesses the secret for unlimited muscle growth, strength increases and unparalleled sexual performance. It’s not just another “flavor of the month” supplement. Myotest is formulated to outperform any natural testosterone booster you’ve ever tried or your money back—guaranteed.

Myotest is a unique combination of anabolic and never-before-marketed compounds that have been demonstrated to safely increase natural testosterone while managing estrogen—and actually using that dreaded enemy to your advantage. Remember, to get the most out of spiked testosterone levels, you also need to control estrogen. With Myotest you’ve got that and four other exciting mechanisms covered.

Myotest contains the purest, most potent form of 3,4-divanyl (3,4-D5 for short) in combination with five equally potent compounds: icarin, osthole, quercetin, indole-3-carbinol and resveratrol. You might not know about most of those compounds yet, but this awesome combo elevates and liberates test, battles stress and controls estrogen to increase anabolic effects exponentially.

For more on how the compounds work synergistically to rev your testosterone and control estrogen so you grow bigger and stronger, visit

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