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Product Spotlight: Carne Diem by Magnum Nutraceuticals

You’ve heard of the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Apparently the people at Magnum Nutraceuticals have not heard it. They have taken an old dog, taught it to fly and then mounted laser beams on its collar. Their new product, called Carne Diem, is a non-stimulatory carnitine-based fat burner. The potential for carnitine to melt fat has always looked better on paper than it has performed in a body. That’s because carnitine is not easily absorbed by muscle tissue and is quickly excreted from the body. Magnum has circumvented both of these issues by including cutting-edge synergistic ingredients such as Russian tarragon, cho- line bitartrate, and potassium-magnesium hydroxycitric acid. Collectively, these allow carnitine to stay in the system longer IM0516_ResearchNutrition_Magnum_01
and transport more stored body fat into cellular mitochondria to be used for energy. (And because carnitine preferentially uses fat as a fuel source, it is the perfect supplement to combine with a low-carb or ketogenic diet.) Since Carne Diem does not contain caffeine, it pairs well with other stimulatory thermogenics.

Two things we particularly like about Carne Diem: One, each ingredient is labelled separately on their supplement fact sheet, an admirable form of transparency that is not an obligation but rather a service to the consumer. And two, Magnum offers a money-back guarantee on the fat-burning properties of Carne Diem, which is unheard of for carnitine supplements. It’s obvious they have a lot of confidence in their new product.

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