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Unchain Your Muscle Growth

Too many people are frustrated. They’re frustrated with their bodies, their lack of progress, their body fat levels and with their lack of muscle. Even worse, they’re mistakenly running around thinking that they can’t change it due to genetics. The sad thing is, it’s not true and it’s fixable.

Far too often, people think in terms of what foods or macronutrients they should be avoiding. For example; they say I should reduce my intake of sugar or I should reduce my carbohydrates or I should reduce my intake of saturated fats.

Frankly, while that is certainly very important, if you want results, you should also be thinking equally in terms of increasing your consumption of high quality protein. Protein forms the building blocks for your entire body. It’s found in every single one of the trillions of cells that make up your body. More importantly, protein plays an important role in terms of burning fat, transforming your body composition and building muscle.

A group of bodybuilders were given extra protein in addition to the 200 grams of protein per day diet (1 gram per pound of bodyweight) that they were already following bringing them to about 300 grams a day (or 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight). Want to know what happened? They doubled their rate of muscle growth! That’s right it doubled.

Eating adequate protein turns on the metabolic fat-burning “microchip”. At the same time it “programs your metabolic computer” to preserve and build new lean muscle mass! And the best part is, you’ll experience a substantial increase in metabolic rate, which means you’ll be more efficient and burn more calories throughout the day.

Your body runs on protein. Protein molecules power every chemical reaction involved in the breakdown and absorption of food, including carbohydrates and fat. Protein powers nearly all aspects of your metabolism. Protein is responsible for every metabolic function that facilitates dramatic improvements in your body composition — yes — everything. Protein can make the difference between your success or failure in muscle building. It’s the main propellant of your metabolism; it’s the engine that drives it and the mechanism that keeps it alive and thriving!

You ask; okay what are the best sources of protein? As a general rule you’ll want to stay with protein sources that are complete, meaning they have all eight of the essential amino acids. You’ll also want to stick to sources that are lower in fat such as: skinless chicken breasts, skinless turkey breasts, fish, egg whites, lean cuts of red meat, low fat cottage cheese and protein powder.

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