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Training vs Working Out

Training vs. Working Out

In today’s world, working out is a very casual term reserved for people that typically visit their local gym two to three days a week. For many, that is the extent of their exercise regimen, but in order to maximize results, simply “working out” may not be enough.

Whether you and your friends meet for your Wednesday night lifting session or you’re feeling guilty about demolishing the donuts your co-worker brought to work that day, both scenarios would fall into the “working out” category. Another instance would the “I’m going to just wing it” route – walking into your gym and asking yourself, “What should I work on today?”

Now that we’ve painted the picture for working out, let’s move on to training. It just sounds a little more serious, doesn’t it? So let me ask you this – what makes training different than working out?

Naturally, it only seems right to use a football example since the season just kicked off – bear with me. So for explanation purposes, training resembles what NFL players do when they report to training camp. There is a set plan of action: individual goals, team goals, stat research, schedules, timelines, evaluations, and through this strategic process ultimately, results. That right there is the main difference between working out and training. So how do you make the transition from casual gym rat to “you see these gains?” You have to put yourself through a personal training camp.

Here are some basic steps to get you started:

  • Set specific, yet realistic goals that you want to achieve
  • Create individual timelines to reach each goal
  • Do some research on best practices and what the best route is to achieving your goal or utilize a trainer/coach
  • Create a detailed weekly schedule that includes nutrition, training, a supplement program, cardio schedule etc.
  • Give yourself a weekly rating of 1-10 on how successful your week was in each category

Good luck and know that there is power in planning!

Michael Waters, Phase 1 Sports
IG/FB @iamphase1 [email protected] YouTube Phase1Sports




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