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Proven Techniques To Making Gains


proven techniques to making gains
Making gains in the gym comes down to using proven techniques on a consistent basis. Red Storm Labs took that concept, applied it to a supplement, and came up with Muscle HD, a daily creatine matrix that includes several health-promoting nutrients to boost efficiency, performance, and absorption.

unnamed (20)Muscle HD is the exact opposite of the snake-oil quackery that gives the supplement industry a bad name and a reason for the mainstream media to point their finger. Muscle HD is composed of scientifically reviewed nutrients in proven dosages. Best of all, the Muscle HD label lists the exact amount of each active ingredient. That means there is no hiding behind vague language and proprietary blends —the consumer knows exactly how much they are getting with each dose.

The star of Muscle HD is creatine monohydrate, known to be the most effective and most researched (read: safest) muscle-building supplement in the history of the industry. Creatine recycles ATP, allowing you to perform high-intensity work for longer. It also increases muscle size by shuttling water into muscle cells.

This not only makes muscles bigger, it can also decrease muscle breakdown and provide a terrific intra-workout pump. Creatine monohydrate is paired with several vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals to enhance energy utilization, recovery, muscle contraction, metabolic function, and digestion.

Muscle HD is available in tablet form, making it easy to transport and consume, even when on the road or at the gym. Muscle HD is made in the USA in a facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. This lets the consumer feel confidence that every tablet is produced with the highest-quality standards, contains the active ingredients stated on the label, and is manufactured with consistency and care.

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