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How Many Squat Racks Does Your Gym Have?

Next time you’re in the gym, stop and count the number of squat racks. How many are there?

One? Maybe Two? As arguably the most essential piece of equipment in the gym (besides a bar and weights), and there’s only a couple!? Better yet, I bet you’ll find some jackass curling in at least one of them. Something is seriously wrong with this picture…

Im proud to say that Metroflex LBC boasts over 20 squat racks throughout the gym. Why wouldn’t we have that many? Everyone should squat. Some should squat over once a week. That frequency alone warrants a bunch of squat racks.


Now think about the duration a solid squat session can take. For some (not all), squats can take up to an hour! And there’s nothing wrong with that. But when there’s only a couple squat racks in the gym, you’re considered a selfish asshole who’s hogging the squat rack. Do you just bail on the squat session half-way through? How about avoid gyms like that in the first place.

Squats should take long, if they have to. For many strength athletes, squats are completed in all different weights, leverage points, and frequency. And no one should be making you feel rushed to get off the squat rack. That’s like rushing someone at church through prayer and communion. So instead of making people wait for others finish squatting before they can start, we decided to outfit Metroflex LBC with enough squat racks that everyone in the gym can squat together.

Like the 20 or so squat racks, Metroflex LBC also duplicates other important pieces of equipment: 15 bench presses, 8 platforms, 6 leg presses, and 7 prowlers. Waiting in line for someone to finish with the equipment kills the workout vibe for both you, the guy waiting, and the person using the equipment , as he/she feels rushed to get off. That shit doesn’t happen at Metroflex because we have so many of the same equipment.

I think this speaks volumes of what this gym is all about: Hard work. No bullshit. And a gym that actually cares about its members. This gym isn’t outfitted by a corporate template or layout. This gym is a product of passion for exercise and training. Built by trainers, built for trainers.

The next time you’re in a gym. Check out the squat racks. Examine the rest of the equipment. Ask yourself, is this place conducive for hard training? Or are you merely a fish in a glass bowl swimming around looking for something to do (whatever isn’t taken)? Look at the people in the gym: are they in shape? Do they look focused? Or are people just dozing off into space, hardly putting any effort into the “work” they are attempting?

You might be surprised with your evaluation. Because chances are, the gyms without the squat racks or the pieces of equipment that require hard work, also attract the people who don’t want to do the hard work. Whereas gyms that are outfitted for athletes to excel, are also the same gyms where the true gladiators train. Make sure you are always in the right environment to accomplish your goals. And i’ll tell you right now: A soft, fluffy, no squat rack gym is NOT the answer. You want results? Then get you’r ass in a real gym and move some real weights around. Hard fucking work.

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