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  • Squat It OUT: Am I Doing My Squats Correctly For My Fitness Goals?

    Doing a squat engages different muscles in your body from both the upper and lower body and forces them to work...

    AdviceIronManApril 15, 2022
  • Front Squats Vs Back Squats – Which One Should You Do?

    Every exercise we do in our workouts provides us with many benefits. . For example, bicep curls are intended to isolate...

    BodypartIronManJanuary 5, 2022
  • Do More Work

    Barbell complexes are metabolic firebombs that can prepare your body to train longer and harder.

    Athlete InterviewsMike CarlsonMarch 26, 2016
  • How Many Squat Racks Does Your Gym Have?

    Next time you’re in the gym, stop and count the number of squat racks. How many are there? One? Maybe Two?...

    Gym CultureEddie AvakoffJanuary 17, 2016
  • Stiffer Is Better For These Exercises

    When it comes to foundational strength exercises such as the deadlift, back squat, overhead press, front squat, and barbell row, the...

    LatestIron Man MagazineOctober 16, 2015
  • The Big 3 Circuit

    Use the best compound exercises in one workout to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. With so many...

    Beginning BodybuildingIron Man MagazineOctober 7, 2015