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Why Your Gym Should BBQ

Nothing brings an athletic community together like grilling up and sharing some dead animals. Hardcore gyms hold a strong sense of brotherhood: We are all on the same team, Us Vs. The Iron – and together we share the iron lifestyle. And just as a team trains together, we also break bread together. BBQs build a gym from the inside – out. It builds camaraderie.

At Metroflex LBC, we regularly grill on the weekends: ribs, steaks, burgers, and chicken. No cost to the members, just an open invitation to grab some steak and a beer after your workout. The BBQ isn’t about making money off members, but rather its about building our existing community; making it even stronger. I encourage all my facility owners to integrate regular BBQ events into their calendars. As we say at Metroflex LBC: “Lift big weights, eat big steaks”.


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