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Hidden Secrets – Muscle Building Fat Burning Trick

I the 1960’s and 70’s two of bodybuilding’s top trainers and nutritionists, Rheo H. Blair and Vince Gironda advocated the use of blended oils for building muscle. They knew back then that these oils assist in natural testosterone production. You already know that testosterone is the Holy Grail for major improvements in building muscle, burning fat, improved libido, better skin tone and maintaining healthy heart function.

Today scientists have taken these facts further naming these oils Essential Fats (EFA’s). That is to say… your body has to have them to survive! Now please pause a moment… and think about that.

The goal of every cell in the human body is to survive and without EFA’s the cells that make up the body cannot survive…moreover they can’t build muscle or strip away body fat. Why? They are struggling to merely stay alive. The body cannot synthesize EFA’s from any other substance we eat. A direct food source is required. That’s how they got the name essential. The essential fats are omega 3 and omega 6. The body converts them into several derivatives.

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In a recent interview I did with Dr. Eric Serrano and Scott Mendelson (see the February 2011 issue of Iron Man Magazine for the entire interview), their research indicates that you can restore proper fat cell function by ‘cleansing,’ which occurs when you supply the cells with the right raw materials. That is the proper amino acids along with EFA’s in the right proportion. It seems that giving the fat cells plenty of raw materials, they ‘let go’ of the trash that’s mucking up the fat cell function. As a result the fat cell size shrinks around the body and it builds a better fortress against future fat accumulation. The idea is, if you find yourself going off your eating plan (cheat day, parties etc.) take some extra EFA’s before and after.

Here are a few benefits of taking EFA’s:

• Increase energy, performance, and stamina
• Strengthen the immune system
• Lower most risk factors for cardiovascular disease
• Improve brain function: mood, intelligence , behavior, and vision
• Aid in weight reduction
• Regulate organs and glands
• Speed recovery and healing
• Support healthy child development
• Improve digestion
• Decrease infection
• Keep bones strong
• Protect genetic material
• Ease PMS
• Produces beautiful skin, hair, and nails

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