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Hidden Secrets – Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral

Let’s assume you’re taking all the right supplements… you’re eating healthy foods… you’re training hard and getting enough rest but… you’re still not making optimal progress. You may be on the right path but still missing something. The question is what? We’ve covered water and protein so lets look at another of the 7 key nutritional factors sometimes overlooked. A good Multi-vitamin/Multi-mineral supplement is often one of those often forgotten and overlooked ingredients. It may be time to sharpen your edge with a good multi-vitamin, multi–mineral complex.

Here’s why: At any moment in time there are thousands and thousands of chemical reactions occurring in your body. Each of these reactions is fueled by enzymes, which require vitamins and minerals to perform. This is where a high potency multi-vitamin and multi minerals play an important role in overall metabolism, body health and most importantly (at least in muscle building) growth and repair. They play a vital part in muscle building, fat loss energy production, protein synthesis, metabolism, digestion and vasodilatation.

To consistently perform at the top of your game, you’ve also got to feed yourself all the vital nutrients. If you’re missing one… that’s going to be the weak link in the chain and you’ve got to correct it, so your performance doesn’t come crashing down. Tune in tomorrow for another entry of Fast Muscle Building Tips or subscribe to my RSS Feed right now.

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