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  • Variations for Size and Strength

    Training variations, such as altering hand and foot positions, build more size and strength and also help prevent injuries.

    Charles PoliquinDecember 29, 2008
  • Take a Seat to Build Your Calves (But do it safely)

    Common exercises include standard standing calf raises, leg press calf raises and donkey calf raises performed in various toes-in and toes-out...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.December 26, 2008
  • Best Chest Chiseler

    Almost all of the natural bodybuilders I know who have had the chest problem have had great triceps. The two bodyparts...

    Paul BurkeDecember 23, 2008
  • Dead Wrong?

    If you’ve been stubbornly continuing to deadlift despite injuries just because you believe it’s the only path to a better back,...

    Ron HarrisDecember 20, 2008
  • Any Chump Can Jump!

    Whatever squat and calf program you select, make sure you apply yourself diligently on every rep on every set. Once you...

    Bill StarrDecember 17, 2008
  • Stretch to Etch Muscle Detail

    One problem may be fat in the area. Adipose tissue covering the pecs blurs or negates any detail. You need to...

    Steve HolmanDecember 9, 2008
  • Deflated-Delt Dilemma

    Q: My delts are about as flat as pancakes. Any rapid solution to the problem? A: Wide, round shoulders have been...

    Charles PoliquinNovember 9, 2008
  • To Squat or Not?

    Q: I’m a 54-year-old man and have been training with weights for 25 years. I have trouble with my thighs. I...

    Paul BurkeOctober 14, 2008
  • Big, Bad Chest

    As I always say, the pros who have the most to offer us regular humans are the ones who have managed...

    Ron HarrisOctober 14, 2008
  • Dumbbell Rows for Back Growth

    One of the most popular exercises in serious gyms is the dumbbell row. It’s an easy lift to learn and works...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.September 30, 2008
  • 9-to-5 Sequence for Legs

    It’s a nine-day sequence that uses a three-way split, and you train one day, then rest two before the next workout—so...

    Frank ZaneSeptember 21, 2008
  • Best Moves For Big Bi’s

    In the e-book X-traordinary Arms we explain the in-for-out/out-for-in principle. For biceps it means that to focus on the outer head...

    Steve HolmanSeptember 16, 2008
  • Triceps Training Tips and Myths

    A smarter approach is to look at how body position affects the triceps, specifically the differences produced by performing triceps extensions...

    Charles PoliquinSeptember 15, 2008
  • The Brothers Grimm

    To keep a secure grip, use a well-knurled bar and lifter’s chalk on your hands. Eventually, when you build up to...

    Stuart McRobertSeptember 15, 2008
  • Building the Ultimate Physique: Month 20

    In order to maintain a visible abdominal musculature, it's important to eat a well-balanced diet that contains only enough calories to...

    John LittleAugust 3, 2008