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The Neglected Success Stratagy

Are you kidding meWhat the hell? We’re well into the New Year and you haven’t written down your goals yet?

Determining and writing down your goals and objectives are two of the most important actions you can take towards improving both your physique and your life.


Yes, I am repeating the most basic, elemental strategy for success because it is overlooked time and time again!

If you want to maximize your time, your effort and your results you had better focus your energy on very specific objectives.

If you were to walk into the gym with no real set objectives other than working up a sweat you’re not going to be as productive as you could be– period.

The best athletes in the world either have coaches who set the training agenda for them or they lay out for themselves a periodized training protocol that entails knowing exactly what they’re going to do every single workout… every single session.

It Goes Beyond That…

They’re not just going in to the gym to do battle with an unknown opponent and no predetermined outcome– they know exactly what the objective is and how to obtain it.

Knowing what type of workout you’re going to do today is good but knowing what the objectives are during the workout and why they must be achieved is critical to your progress.

Determining what you want to achieve, how you want to look, how you want to feel and what kind of body and life you ultimately want then writing it down so you can see it every day is the only way you’re going to make it happen.

Success doesn’t happen by chance. Success is strategic process that starts with clear and concise goals and objectives.

Start with the BIG picture first…

  • The mission goal – the over-arching long term objective – this could be 6 months to as long as 10 years down the road.For me is was to win the National Body Building Championship and creating an extraordinary life (which I clearly defined).
  • The sub-or short term goals – These might be between one and three months apart – but clearly and incrementally get you closer and closer to your long term mission goal. This could show up as a specific workout routine or incremental strength or weight gains.
  • The daily tasks – What do you have to do today, tomorrow and the next day to meet the short term sub-goal deadlines?
  • sticky plan

    So instead of floundering around everyday hoping to make some progress and more likely squandering your time – you’re task and goal oriented…you’re on a freaking mission

    And pretty soon you’ll find that nothing and I mean nothing can stand in your way.

    It’s a New Year. Let’s go already!


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