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The adventure continues

This morning we got up at 7:30am. Neither of us slept very well last night. Maybe some jet lag is catching up with us. I got on the scale and was 2 pounds over my weight limit. So, I made 2 tiny Arabian sized coffee cups of very strong coffee. I used 2 packets of the Via instant coffee from Starbucks in each cup. I figured that would be enough caffiene to get me going. We dressed and headed out for a walk. Although it was only 8am it was already quite hot. We spent about 45 minutes walking fast, but stopped long enough to dip our hands in the waters of the Persian Gulf.



After we got back to the hotel our first order of business was to check the NFL scores from yesterday. We were quite pleased to see that the Cowboys, Bears and Vikings all won convincingly! Diana went up to have breakfast and I was about to post on my blog when my new friend Abdullah sat down and visited with me about Doha.


At 10am we went on a sight seeing tour which consisted of a bus ride to an old-style market. It was alot of fun shopping for traditional clothing. The people were very nice and the prices were very good.





The Sultan of Shredded!  LOL!!!



Photos with our tailor Muhamed Ali



With our favorite gift shop keeper


Diana with the fur of some kind of wolf-like animal


With the Moacyr Rodrigues and the guys from Probiotica in Brazil


With the Mongolian competitor Luvsandagva Batbold and his teammate


With Ali, promoter of the East African Championships in Mauritius


As I write this post we are waiting for our turn to weigh in.  Since they are taking athletes by country in alphabetical order we have a while to wait.  And, damn I’m hungry!!!

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