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Sunday in Qatar


This morning Diana and I got up at 7am. We had a nice breakfast of egg whites and fresh fruit. After breakfast we took a short walk down to the local mall where we found a grocery store (in the mall) and stocked up on fresh fruit, distilled water and diet coke (for Diana).


After dropping our groceries back off at the hotel we asked one of the Qatar Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation officials where we could find a well-equipped gym to workout.


My new friend, Abdullah directed back to the mall. The fitness center there was nicely equipped but we were charged 100 riyals each for a day pass ( about $35 US). By the time I finished my workout I had attracted a crowd. A couple of the trainers asked to take photos with me. Then more kept coming and more photos were taken. When the first one asked if we would be back for another workout I asked if he could get us in for free….the answer was no. I ended up answer a bunch a questions then left to go to the locker room to change out of my tank top and back into a T-shirt. About the time I had my shirt off several of the guys had come into the locker room and asked to take more photos with me. It was actually hilarious.

After a short nap back at the hotel Lee Williams from Great Britain stopped by the room to see if we wanted to go to the mall with him. We had nothing planned so we went back and toured the entire 4 story mall. I had to take a photo of the Mexican food resturaunt sign in the mall.


With a couple of hours to kill before dinner Diana and I went for a walk down to the Sheraton hotel which is a little over a mile away. The contest will be held at the Sheraton and the hotel is absolutely spectacular!

At 8pm we went downstairs for the welcome dinner. Last night when we arrived there were only a few athletes here. This evening the place is packed with bodybuilders and delegates from all over the world!

Right now I’m 5 pounds over my weight limit of 165.25 pounds. The weigh-in is tomorrow at 6pm. I may have just eaten my last meal for almost 24 hours. Making weight sucks!!!


We are hoping to take a tour of Doha tomorrow. At least I won’t have to worry about going too long without eating!

I caught some athletes passed out in the lobby waiting on their room.


Check back tomorrow!

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