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Stop Singing The Blues…

I know the holidays can be an emotional challenge for a lot of people.

So here is my suggestion if you’re feeling a little blue this time of year – get your non festive butt into the gym, move your body and freaking shrug it off. Your emotional state like the state of your body is your choice.

You can choose a different path this year. Moving your body stimulates positive mood enhancing hormones, neuro peptides and endorphins.

Listen this isn’t just about you. The fact is no one wants to be around some miserable bastard anytime of year but particularly around the holidays. Your negative energy infects everyone around you. So what do you say… give us all a break and get over it.

Or you could stay pissed, blue and misarable and go to the gym anyway at least we wont have to see you… unless you train at that same gym. Shoot that would suck.


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