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Stop Needing It…

I was recently asked competition advice by an old friend who has been competing as a body builder for several years. He’s had some great success over his 20 plus year career but he has also faced some frustration and disappointment.

His goal has been to capture a prestigious  IFBB pro card which continues to allude him. He’s come close on several occasions and in my opinion, with a few minor adjustments has everything it takes to achieve his objective.

He’s entering “one more pro qualifying contest” before calling it quits and one of the adjustments he has to make has to do with Mind Set.

Below is the advice I gave him, think about how it might apply to your quest.

“Here’s a BIG “Mind Set” suggestion for you bro. 

Let go of NEEDING this to happen.

Need is a small mind set and contracts rather than expands ability.
Don’t need it… KNOW it!    
BE it!
And this time have FUN with it. 

The part of your ego that does not want you to succeed because it FEARS change is aroused and put on high alert when you’re too freaking serious. It then throws resistance on your path (internal resistance) designed to stop you.

You’ve been serious – now it’s time to try “supremely confident” and secure that no matter what happens it’s what’s supposed to happen and that you will be rewarded for your efforts regardless of the outcome. 

Start NOW by putting a BIG shit eating, confident (just ate the canary) grin on your face every time you think about your objective – look beyond IT and see yourself celebrating victory and the joy and satisfaction it has brought.

If you can’t get a little giddy about that then stay home... one more “serious effort” is not what you want. What you want is a serious outcome – you’ll be ready to receive that when you let go of need and just allow coupled with a supreme effort of course.”

 See you in the winners circle

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