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Snack On This – Mixed Berries And Weight-Loss

snack on this

If you needed one more reason to consume more berries, here it is. Research published in the journal Appetite compared the satiating effects of an afternoon snack of mixed berries versus a more junk-foodish snack of equal calories.

An hour after eating the snack, the scientists let the subjects eat as much pasta as they liked. Even though both groups rated themselves equally in terms of hunger, fullness, and desire to eat, the group that ate the berries consumed significantly fewer calories during the free-for-all meal.

Berries, it seems, delivers a hit of satiety that sugar-laden snacks do not. Not only are they low in sugar, low in calories, packed with fiber and rocking some of the most powerful antioxidants known to us, but it seems that berries are also a valuable weight-loss ally.

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