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Scorecard: August Action

JB5_7312_ENCEEJETZBAnd the month has one more weekend to go.

As the final stretch of the 2013 Olympia season gallops along, the lineups are bursting with entries hoping to be on the nose with an Olympia qualification or a bump in the points derby. In some women’s sports the Olympia lineups are finalized  (bodybuilding, fitness, physicque). In the others the point totals are neck and neck. Here’s a catch-up on recent scores, highlighting a few athletes who have caught this column’s attention. Photos courtesy of (from top): Mallory Haldeman, Justine Munro, Dana Linn Bailey, Michelle Blank.

August 24: Tahoe Show Pro Figure
Mallory Haldeman‘s performance at the PBW Tampa Pro Figure on August 10 convinced me that the 5’5″ filly from Las Vegas has the stuff to go the distance at the O, an opinion that was sealed two weeks later, when she repeated at the Tahoe Show Pro Figure. Not that her fifth-place landing at the Olympia last year or her identical placing at the ’13 Figure International hadn’t gotten my attention, but as the photos from Tampa reveal, not only did Haldeman display an enviable package of balance, proportion and curves, but she’s also got the not-too-hard/not-too-soft thing down pat. Haldeman possesses the ideal figure physique, period. I’m not saying she will win the Olympia, just that she ‘ll be in the hunt to finish higher than fifth. Allison Frahn, the runner-up in Tahoe, was only a point behind Mallory, but I stand by that statement.

’13 IFBB Tahoe Show Pro Figure
1) Mallory Haldeman
2) Allison Frahn
3) Victoria Adelus
4) Latorya Watts
5) Julie Mayer-Hyman
6) Wendy Fortino
7) Candice John
8) Carin Hawkins
9) Brook Erickson
10) Jessie Hilgenberg
11) Inga Neverauskaite
12) Kimberly Sheppard
13) Vicki Dowell
14) Alessandra Pinheiro
15) Margarita Charaim
16) Sasha Brown
16) Kim Clark
16) Simone Mack
16) Essence Money
16) Gloria Tarpley
16) Bojana Vasiljevic

JB5_1842_HQQKZPYFDIAugust 24: St. Louis Pro Bikini
Justine Munro redeemed herself from that second-place landing at the Orange County Muscle Classic Pro Bikini on August 10 with a smashing repeat win over a lineup of 28 in St. Louis. it was two weeks later, and Munro looked a whole lot better—more fullness from the front, perfection from the back. Tiffany Boydston and Jessica Arevalo, both serious contenders in the Bikini O points competition, took second and third, respectively.

’13 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini
1) Justine Munro
2) Tiffany Boydston
3) Jessica Arevalo
4) Brittany Tacy
5) Sarah LeBlanc
6) Lacey Deluca
7) Crystal Green
8) Jessica Renee
9) Christie Marquez
10) Noemi Olah
11) Gigi Amurao
12) Stephanie Mahoe
13) Diana Becker
14) Hunnika Villa
15) Amy Allen
16) Jennifer Dawn
16) Maria Chase
16) Rachelle DeJean
16) Jennifer Elliott
16) Sandi Forsythe
16) Michelle Johnson
16) Michon Leddy
16) Kristal Martin
16) Cecile Palacios
16) Anna Staridubtseva
16) Aly Veneno
16) Ashley Wade
16) Katherine Williams

DSC_4504_OCKHNTZEKMAugust 17: Europa Super Show Pro Figure and Women’s Physique
Also making up for a second-place finish the last time out, Dana Linn Bailey held off an Olympia-hungry lineup of 32 to score a unanimous win in the Super Show Pro Women’s Physique, the final WPD qualifier for that division. Runner-up Jillian Reville and third-placer Karina Hobbs earned enough points to secure their places in the first Olympia Women’s Physique Challenge.

In figure Dana Ambrose got the win she’s been working up to, with Julie Mayer-Hyman a point behind in second and Swann Cardot taking third.

Europa Super Show Pro Figure
1) Dana Ambrose
2) Julie Mayer-Hyman
3) Swann Cardot
4) Victoria Adelus
5) Andrea Calhoun
6) Candice John
7) Megan Wyble
8) Linda Andrew
9) Natalie Waples
10) Jessie Hilgenberg
11) Maria Jose Garcia
12) Kimberly Sheppard
13) Denise Rose
14) Natalie Revajova Leanrtova
15) Tatiana Koshman
16) Agnese Russo
16) Bren Lauver
16) Chaya Boone
16) Dawn Hinz-Pugh
16) Eleni Kritikopoulou
16) Elvimar Sanchez
16) Essence Monet
16) Jennifer Baker
16) Kristina Rojas
16) Mayla Ash
16) Ryan Hays-Althoff
16) Ryan Behr
16) Samantha Maycock

Europa Super Show Pro Women’s Physique
1) Dana Linn Bailey
2) Jillian Reville
3) Karin Hobbs
4) Jennifer Robinson
5) Nicole Ball
6) Erica Blockman
7) Loana Paula Muttoni
8) Beni Lopez
9) Lyris Cappelle
10) Akane Nigro-Ismeal
11) Roxie Beckles
12) Joele Smith
13) Candrea Judd-Adams
14) Jill Rudison
15) Ally Baker
16) Antonia Perdikakis
16) Cea Anna Kerr
16) Cinzia Clapp
16) Ida Sefland
16) Jayla McDermott
16) Jessica Gaines
16) Karen Gatto
16) Lindy Waid
16) Marnie Holley
16) Michelle Trapp
16) Mikaila Soto
16) Myriam Bustamante
16) Nekole Hamrick
16) Sheena Ohlig
16) Stephanie Willes
16) Zoa Linsey

August 10: PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique
Huge lineups in all sports marked this full round of women’s divisions, including 39 in WPD, where Valerie Gangie picked up the win many thought she should have had in Chicago. It was the final show before the O for women’s bodybuilding and fitness. Listing only the top five in each sport:


’13 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1) Tammy Jones
2) Rita Bello
3) Tonia Moore
4) Tina Chandler
5) Helle Nielsen

’13 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Fitness
1) Michelle Blank
2) Tiffany Chandler
3) Fiona Harris
4) Whitney Jones
5) Ashley Sebera

’13 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Figure
1) Mallory Haldeman
2) Kamla Macko
3) Allison Frahn
4) Latorya Watts
5) Swann Cardot

’13 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Bikini
1) Courtney King
2) Carolina Silva
3) Stephanie Mahoe
4) Aly Veneno
5) Gigi Amurao

’13 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Women’s Physique
1) Valerie Gangi
2) Dana Linn Bailey
3) Teresita Morales
4) Lyris Cappelle
5) Marnie Holley

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