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Shaw Wins World’s Strongest Man; MHP Dominates

Shaw deadliftMHP strongman Brian Shaw triumphed at the 2013 World’s Strongest Man in China, over

coming powerful competition to bring the WSM title back to the U.S. This was the Mammoth’s second WSM victory in 3 years. Fellow MHP athletes dominated the top 5 at the event, as Zydrunas Savickas placed second, Mike Jenkins placed fourth and Mike Burke placed fifth.

In the preliminary rounds, Shaw won 5 of 6 events in his group and was the top athlete overall in two of them. When the finals kicked off on Thursday, he claimed 1st place early on in round one and never let go. When the finals concluded, he lead the field with 51 total points, which was 3 points higher than Zydrunas. In the six final events, he finished in 1st two times and no worse than 5th in the other four events. Shaw won the Yoke and Deadlift for Max strength events.

Zydrunas overheadZydrunas’ attempt to win back-to-back WSM titles and his 4th overall came up just a bit short, but his effort could not be overlooked. After day 1 of the finals, he found himself sitting in 4th place, but after a late push in day 2, he was able to propel his way into 2nd place. With the 2nd place, finish Zydrunas has emerged as the only strongman in history to own 8 top 3 finishes at the WSM.



JenkinsJenkins made an incredible run at the WSM finals. After struggling with a bacterial stomach virus for the first few days of the preliminaries, many people counted him out. With his sheer heart and determination, he was able to make an epic comeback, qualify for the WSM finals and then take 4th overall in the competition.

BurkeAfter failing to qualify last year for the WSM finals, Burke was on a mission to qualify this year. The 2013 WSM marks the first time he qualified for the finals and with some great performances he pulled out a top 5 finish.

The 2013 WSM was a year to remember for Team MHP, as 4 MHP athletes finished in the top 5 of the highest profile strongman event on the planet. They are MHP STRONG!

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