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Rush to Build Muscle Size

When people talk about workout intensity they are often referring to taking each set to momentary completion. Performing every possible rep you can in a given set. This was popularized by Arthur Jones around 1970. Many trainees fail to realize that there’s another factor responsible for intensity.

Jones as well as advocates of higher volume training programs like Vince Gironda, Larry Scott, Bill Pearl, Steve Michalik, John Defendis and yes Arnold favored quick-paced workouts with little to no rest between exercises or sets. Jones and Darden called it the rush factor. Gironda called it “training over your head” – probably due to the feeling like you are under water gasping for air!

Jones didn’t limit the importance of rushing to training each body part. He considered it critical to the intensity of an entire workout. Work divided by time equals intensity, and that equation applies as much to the whole workout as it does to a particular muscle.

There are many benefits of speedy workouts. Cardiovascular endurance is the first. Safety is another, moving quickly will limit the poundages you can use. This is especially important for those over 35. Your muscles will be working at their limit, the poundage doesn’t matter. Another benefit is that of efficiency—you can spend less time in the gym and get more done.

Research is showing that there are also favorable benefits on growth hormone as well as testosterone levels. Pick up the pace and pick up more muscle!

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