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Natural Bodybuilding Radio Interview

Hey check out my interview on !!! John Hansen, who writes the Naturally Huge column in Ironman is the host.

Since I’m preparing to guest pose at the NPC Natural Crystal Cup in Anchorage, Alaska this weekend I’ve changed my lifting schedule a bit this weekend. Yesterday I trained both chest and back, super-setting the exercises.

I’m also preparing for a “bodyweight for maximum reps” contest, so I only went up to 180 lbs on the bench press doing very high reps. I got a fantastic pump in both my chest and my lats! I also increased my maximum number of reps with 180 lbs. on the bench press by 6 reps over last week.

Today my chest is extremely sore! For my workout today I limited myself to just training shoulders. I surprised myself and DB Pressed more weight than I’ve handled in several years. I didn’t expect to be that strong pressing after doing chest and lats yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll do arms and maybe a light leg workout.

Tuesday Chest and Lats:

Bench Press super-setted with High Pulley Rows 6 super-sets here are the numbers:

Bench press 135X12, 165X8, 190X6, 180X26, 180X18, 180X16

High Pulley Row 130X12, 150X8, 170X6, 150X15, 150X15, 150X15

Incline Press super-setted with Seated Cable Rows 4 super-sets here are the numbers:

Incline Press 135X8, 165X6, 185X6, 195X5

Seated Cable Row 140X8, 160X6, 180X6, 200X8

One set of pushups to failure 40 reps

Wednesday Shoulders:

Seated DB Press 9 sets 25X12, 35X12, 45X12, 55X10, 65X10, 75X10, 85X6, 90X6, 70X12

DB Laterals 20X12X12X12X10X8X8

Rear Delt Machine Flys 95X12, 110X12X12X12X12X10

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