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Hands Down – Most Important Factor to Your Success

Here’s a question for you,

What do you believe is the number one most important component in the entire fitness puzzle?

Here are your choices:
1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Mindset

I once surveyed a group of 500 fitness enthusiasts who had illustrated their commitment to improving their health, stamina and over all physical appearance – that very question.
Almost unanimously they agreed that MINDSET was far and away the most important factor in fitness success.

And yet… admittedly only 12% of the group was actively investing any real time, energy and resources towards improvement in that area.

We’ve all seen super star athletes crumble under the pleasure or literally talk themselves out of victory when it was already in the palm of their hand.


When it comes to taking a great physique in the gym and making it shine on stage as a winner… confidence and how you handle stress will always be mitigating factors. Meaning… those things can either help you rise above the competition or f__k you up bad.

The truth is the only thing holding you back from being champion on stage… and in your own life… is you!

And yet we can’t eliminate you from the equation… can we? So you have no choice but to improve you – from the inside out.
Improve what’s going inside and you will massively improve the results you achieve on the outside.

So, if mindset is indeed the #1 most important factor in your success… how much, if any time, energy and resources are you investing in that area?

If, for example your overall commitment to success requires a minimum of 8 hrs a day (24 hrs – 8 sleep – 8 work = 8 hrs remaining) and 2½ of those hrs are devoted to training and another 2½ to meal prep and eating… shouldn’t, at minimum, the remaining time 2½ hrs be devoted to learning and developing the mental strategies and the psychology of a championship mindset?

Most “would be champions” would rather invest that time in partying. The choice is yours… winner or loser.

Here are three tips for investing your time for a Max Mind Set return on investment:
1. Read at least one hour a day on the subject of mindset, confidence, success strategies or inspiring stories of success.
2. One hour a day to listening to or watching training programs about overcoming fear, finding motivation, relaxation techniques, and strategies for success.
3. Practice visualization techniques NOW so that you can learn to relax and feel confident when you are on stage instead of stressed and overwhelmed.

Here is a great program to get you started and it’s free:

See you in the winner’s circle!
Tom Terwilliger

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