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Military Might, Ballsy Comments, Hot Hardbody and X-traordinary Workouts

Military Might

I’m currently on active duty in the U.S. Navy, and I competed in the Muscle Beach contest held in Venice, California, on Memorial Day weekend. I took the overall in the military category. I was disappointed not to see my photo in the coverage that appeared in the October ’08 IRON MAN. There were photos of many who didn’t place.
Norman Reyes
via Internet

Editor’s note: Our apologies for the oversight. We hope the photo above makes amends. We salute you.

Ballsy Discussion

I was amused at Ms. Vorhees’ “ballsy” response [in the November ’08 issue] to my letter concerning Marzia Prince. She’s new to bodybuilding, but she already knows the words anabolic steroids. Maybe she’s had a bad experience with “teeny” balls. Just so she knows, real men – and real bodybuilders—don’t use steroids. We do, however, love beautiful women posing with heavy metal. By the way, my “boys” are just fine, thanks.
Bill Stinson
Jacksonville, FL

Editor’s note: Thank you for that response from the, um, heart—and for giving us another opportunity to run a photo of Marzia.

Say Yes to Science

The past few issues have included scientific articles by Jacob Wilson and Gabriel Wilson. The training piece on eliciting a growth hormone response in the gym was good [October ’08], but the HMB article in the following issue was an eye-opener. IRON MAN has always had the best info out there, and you keep making it better. Keep it coming.
Jerry Spagnola
Newark, NJ

Editor’s note: The brothers Wilson have promised more blockbuster features to come. They do know their stuff.

Hardbody Beauty

I don’t usually write to magazines, but when I saw Sasha Brown in the November issue [“Action Figure”], I had to comment. What a gorgeous, dark-haired, green-eyed beauty! And those legs in that red miniskirt. Let’s see more of Sasha in a future issue. Lots more!
Eric Wrister
Boise, ID

X-traordinary Workouts

A few months ago I got a copy of the e-book X-traordinary Muscle Building Workouts by Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson. I wasn’t even through the first chapter before I was totally stoked. Reading about the guy who gained almost 20 pounds of muscle in a few months, along with big strength increases, like 65 pounds on his bench, got me so fired up. I went on Workout 1 [the 3D Power Pyramid] and gained 10 pounds in six weeks. I’m ecstatic and excited to dive into another X-traordinary workout. Thank you for real workouts that work.
Noe Rodriguez
Spring, TX

Editor’s note: For more on the e-book X-traordinary Muscle-Building Workouts, visit

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