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Mind-Muscle Connection, Classic Physique and Arms Race

Mind-Muscle Connection

Your story on Jason Wittrock was the first time I have ever read about a real person using fitness to help those with a mental illness. We have all read about studies, but it was amazing to hear about how Jason worked one-on-one with people who were actually suicidal. I battle depression, and I know for a fact that exercise helps a lot. Daily workouts are just one way that I treat my depression, but it’s an important part. The Centers for Disease Control says that about eight percent of the population has depression. That’s millions of people! I’m glad you are getting the word out about how exercise can treat depression.

—Corey S., via e-mail

Classic Physique

What do you think of the new Classic Physique division? Will you start featuring these competitors in Iron Man? It will be nice to have some bigger guys back in the magazine.

—Mark M., via e-mail

Editor’s Note: We will be following Classic Physique very closely when it debuts in 2016. It is perfect for us, and we are looking forward to meeting a whole new breed of physique athlete. In fact, we often use the phrase “classic physique” to describe the look we want to showcase in Iron Man. We don’t show big guys? Check out Jon Call on page 58 of this issue. Do you think he’s small? (Say that to his face and you might get a spinning backflip super-turbo cartwheel kick.) But seriously, stay tuned for some bigger guys in upcoming issues. 

Arms Race

I really liked the arms workout in the last issue. It had some original exercises I had never seen before. I’d like to see more of them. We’ve all seen an incline bench press and triceps pushdown. Keep showing stuff we haven’t seen a million times.

—Joe W., via e-mail

What About Iron Women?

Are you ever going to show workouts with women? You had a great feature with Dana Linn Bailey a few months ago, but ever since then it has just been female models. What about showing the workouts of some serious hardcore female athletes?

—Riley A, via e-mail

Editor’s Note: The women we feature may look like models, but they are all serious athletes who pay their dues in the weight room. But we’d love to hear your suggestions about what hardcore females you’d like to see in Iron Man mag. Sound off on Facebook or Twitter (@ironmanmagazine).

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