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More Celeste Braun

Celeste Braun looked so hot in the last issue of Iron Man.  So many fitness girls are scrawny little twigs. Celeste looks like a real woman, with muscle and curves in all the right places. And her face is gorgeous. Any chance you’ll put up more pics of her on the website?

—Andrew K., via e-mail

Editor’s Note: You can definitely see more of Celeste Braun soon on


Belly Up to the Bars

I have stayed away from protein bars for years
because of all the weird filler ingredients. After reading your review of current bars on the market, I was
happy to learn that manufacturers are finally paying attention to what they put in their products. I might actually try one of those Paleo bars!

—Daniel C., via e-mail


Classic Case

What’s the story with Classic Physique? Do you think it is here to stay? Is Iron Man going to cover these athletes?  I hope you do. It looks like an exciting part of the sport.

—Patrick L, via mail

Editor’s Note: We are all over Classic Physique.
IIn this issue we are proud to show two exemplary competitors of that division, Danny Hester and Stan McQuay. In fact, Hester will go down in the history
books as the winner of the the first-ever pro Classic Physique show!

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